August 2001

Success Story: How Masters Member Beth Erickson Finds New Clients

AWAI member and successful copywriter, Beth Erickson, tells all about how she finds new clients.

How to Get Unstuck When a Big Job Stymies You

Michael Masterson shows how to overcome writer's block on big projects.

Secrets of a Master: How to Speak Directly and Personally to Your Reader by Banishing Passive Voice

Jen Steven reveals how you can better connect with readers by eliminating the passive voice from your copywriting.

Success Story: Congratulations to Glen Strathy on His First Control

Brief look at the success of AWAI member, Glen Strathy's first control.

Secrets of a Master: How to Make "Yes" Irresistible

John Forde shows how to get your prospect to say, “Yes,” by taking away his reasons to say, “No.”

Interview with a Pro: Master Copywriter Arthur Johnson Tells All to Michael Masterson, Part 2

Arthur Johnson reveals his secrets to writing successful copy.