October 2002

Sell Yourself With a Verbal Tagline

Krista Jones shows you how to formulate a verbal tagline and how this can help your business.

Always Put Your Prospect's Interests up Front

Michael Masterson gives you insight on how keeping your prospect's interest at the forefront can help your career.

Quick Tip: Are Your Sentences Too Long? Take the "Breath Test"

Use Bob Bly's tip to make sure your sentences aren't longer than they should be.

Secrets of a Master: Brainstorming for One

John Forde shows you how to get ideas flowing for your next promotion.

Success Story: How Laura Gagnon Landed Two Paid Assignments After Attending A Travel Writing Workshop

In an interview, an AWAI member shares how she landed to paying assignments after attending Great Escape Publishing's travel writing workshop.

Three Steps to Writing Better Copy Based on Michael Masterson's Panel-Review Technique

Michael Masterson shares the review steps you should take every package through to ensure it is as strong as possible.

7 Habits Successful Copywriters Use to Keep Clients Happy

Seven ways you can work with clients to increase their satisfaction with your services.

Success Story: AWAI Member, Paul Lawrence, Tells Us How He Went from Basic Copywriter to Business Partner in Just Two Years

In an interview, AWAI member Paul Lawrence shares his success secrets.