December 2002

Quick Tip: The Power of Positivity

Michael Masterson reveals how, in copy, positive statements are more powerful than negative ones.

Secrets of a Master: How To Borrow Ideas Without Breaking the Law

John Forde shows how to use other people's ideas without breaking the law.

More Proof That Direct Mail Marketing Really Works

News from the advertising industry shows that direct mail marketing works.

The Simple Secret to Getting Royalties

Krista Jones shares the easiest way to get a royalty agreement on your next package.

Secrets of a Master: “Big-Money” Jobs

Don Mahoney reveals why sometimes small projects are more lucrative than big ones.

Success Story: How Monica Day Got Her First Assignment – and Billed $6,000 in One Month

In an interview, Monica Day reveals how she landed her first paying assignment.

Secrets of a Master: How to Write a Promo “Overnight”

John Forde gets Don Mahoney to spill his best productivity secrets.

Getting-Clients Tip: What to Do when You Don't Have Past Copywriting Experience

AWAI member Nancy Dower shares tips for landing clients even if you don't have experience.