Unexpected Success

I attended the 2004 AWAI Bootcamp and had the opportunity to meet a lot of great members, presenters, and AWAI staff. That was 7 months ago… not long at all. A lot has happened in that time that I wanted to share with my fellow members who read The Golden Thread.

I’m going to give you the bottom line right now, though. It’s this: Never give up on your plans for success. You never know how or when your breakthrough will come.

The Bootcamp was the single best thing I have done for my career. I was sure that when I got back home, I’d be zipping through the rest of my program and lining up clients in short order.

I was fired up and inspired! It was like someone had switched on the other 90% of my brain. I’d finally found my niche. I had a talent for copywriting!

Unfortunately, my new career didn’t take off the way I expected it to.

Nearly every conceivable obstacle arose for me to stumble over, and I resigned myself to the fact that completing the program would have to wait. But I didn’t give up on my dream.

I squeezed every bit of copywriting information into my brain whenever possible. I listened to my AWAI copywriting and ETR wealth-building CDs at every opportunity. When I couldn’t listen to a CD, I read my books and devoured the information in the pages.

In my mind, I became a successful copywriter. (I just need a chance to prove it.)

It’s amazing what a positive state of mind can do for you. You become open to opportunity in whatever manner it comes. And, yes, it came… quite unexpectedly.

I found myself on a Web-designer forum – a real "techie" site. What was I doing there? Learning what Web designers and graphic artists do.

My curiosity led me around the site and into all types of chats and topics. Soon, it became clear to me that most website designers don’t know squat about writing Web content.

What a shame! And what an opportunity!

These people needed me! Much to my amazement, I had stumbled onto a market for my services.

Now all I had to do was sell myself to them… with an offer they couldn’t resist.

After several days of rewrites, I came up with what I thought was a strong self-promotion letter – using ideas and concepts I’d gotten at the Bootcamp from Bob Bly and Don Mahoney.

I posted my letter – which I entitled "Tell Me Honestly, Would You Hire This Copywriter?" – on the Web-designer site I’d been exploring. That was a Monday morning in late March.

That evening, I checked my email… and found 3 "I needed you yesterday" queries! (Since then, I’ve had more than 70 hits as a result of that letter.)

My first job creating website copy is now live on the Net. I did my best to apply everything I’ve learned so far from AWAI and from my own snooping around online. For example, I included strong, personal content throughout the site.

Creating this website was a pile of work… research… and time. But I loved every minute of it. And I got PAID!

The bottom line is that the client and the designer are both happy with it… and so am I.

I’m in business! It’s really happening! My grin is so wide I’m getting wrinkles in front of my ears!

Now, here is the most amazing part: I haven’t finished the copywriting program… yet!

I know. It’s shameful. But believe me, I WILL finish it.

After all, if I’ve been able to get this far after completing just part of the program… imagine what I’ll be able to do when I’ve finished it!

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Published: May 16, 2005

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