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“Back-End” Products

This was a GREAT week for our members. Today, I’ve got three letters to share with you from three very enthusiastic copywriting members. Tom F. even got his first taste of "Glicken." But first, a question from Meg …

"About three weeks ago, I got the six-figure program, and so far I really like it. Being a direct-mail copywriter would fit me well. However, I almost feel like I have to get all of the programs offered by AWAI to be a success. I definitely want to go on and get the Masters program, no question. But I’m also really interested in the Graphic Design program … and the Internet Writing program too. But I don’t want to have to keep adding more programs all the time. I know you’ll come up with more programs that I’ll feel the need to get. I want to be a success and make good money, but I’m not sure which ones I should and shouldn’t get.I know it’s up to me, but do you have any advice?"

– Meg

Meg, to continue to be successful, a direct-mail company (like AWAI) must develop a "back end." These are products (programs, in our case) that will be very beneficial to the company’s customers after they buy the "front-end" product. The copywriting program is our front-end product. It was designed to be everything you need in order to get started as a direct-mail copywriter. You don’t need to take any other program to be able to write direct mail.

However, that doesn’t mean you stop learning. Michael Masterson, Bob Bly, and Paul Hollingshead, for example, all continue to spend some of their time polishing and expanding their skills. Before there was an AWAI, you would have had to search out additional information about copywriting wherever you could – or learn it by trial and error. We’ve made it much easier to stay on top of your game by developing new programs that could help you in your career.

So my answer is this: It’s good that you plan to keep learning and taking more programs, whether they are with AWAI or another company. And, yes, it is up to you to decide which ones will take you in the direction you want to go. But at this early stage, my recommendation is for you to subscribe to Monthly Copywriting Genius while taking the basic program. Then consider taking the Masters program. And come to at least one of our annual bootcamps … even before you finish the basic program. No matter where you are in your career – a new member, a Masters member, or a working copywriter – attending a bootcamp will help you take several steps up the success ladder.

And now, three quick notes from members who have had their first taste of success.

First …

"Scott, freelance copywriting is the greatest gig in the world. I only bought the program in December 04 on the monthly installment plan, but in early 05 I paid for the rest. I really haven’t even officially launched my business yet, and I’ve already made back my money on the program … 6 times over. And I just looked in my inbox and have 2 great leads. I have 2 deadlines to meet this week … and I’m loving every minute of it."

And from Ryan H.…

"Access to is worth the entire price you pay for the AWAI Masters program. Less than three days from the time I purchased the program, I struck a deal with a new client worth $1,250. Total earnings since I purchased the Masters program (in the middle of last week): $2,250. I could get used to this!"

– Ryan H.

And, finally, this one from Tom F.…

"Just thought I’d share this with you all: The copywriting program was right, ‘Glicken’ can show up at the strangest times … and especially when you least expect it.

"Last year, I attended a major musical show at our local convention center. The show was the second in what the mayor hopes will be an annual event. Since my background is in journalism and public relations, I took it upon myself to do what I could to help out. All through this last winter, I posted about 26 weekly messages on an Internet forum visited by people who are interested in this show. I wrote those posts in a friendly, conversational tone, as if I were talking from one member to another. Anyway, two days ago, I asked my wife – who does layout at our local newspaper – to see if the paper’s salespeople had any tickets for the show. Guess what? She was told the mayor had left me two free tickets. Can you say, ‘Glicken?’"

– Tom F.

Great Work, everyone! As always, you have our continued support. And keep those emails coming!


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Published: June 27, 2005

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