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Handing Out Business Cards

Is handing out business cards the best way to sell your copywriting services? That’s what Robert K. wants to know …

"Hi, Scott. I’m new to AWAI, just getting started in the program. In a recent Golden Thread, I saw the Quick Tip about business cards. I have created several business cards for myself over the years, but am unclear as to the best approach for using them to sell my copywriting services. Any thoughts you might have would be most welcome. I am getting excited about the program and looking forward to that first contract."

– Robert K.

Keeping a healthy stack of business cards on hand is always a good idea, Robert. You never know when you might meet a potential client. But I do have a few more general ideas for you to think about. Bob Bly and others discussed these ideas at our "Selling Yourself Weekend Workshop" that took place last month in Miami. Here are a couple of the techniques that the best self-marketers in the business use to keep the work rolling in:

  1. Start publishing an online newsletter as soon as possible. Work on expanding the number of people it’s sent to by having them "opt-in" to receive it. Don’t send it out too often – maybe once a month. The information should be specific and useful.
  2. Establish a website for yourself. It doesn’t need to be big or complicated. Use it to show samples of your writing, who you’ve worked for, what you charge for different assignments. For a synergistic effect – right on your landing page – offer a free special report to people who sign-up for your newsletter.
  3. Write as many articles for different trade journals as you can. This technique helps establish your credibility as a specialist in your niche.
  4. And, finally, make at least 10 cold calls a week. Most people have a hard time with this – but coupled with the right follow-up, it is very effective at producing new leads.

Again, this is general information. You’ll have to figure out the specific actions that work for you and your niche market as you go.

We’ve told you that what you learn in the AWAI copywriting program can even help you turn dreams outside the realm of copywriting into reality. Here’s proof from Cherie R.…

"The manuscript I’ve spent 9 years writing was accepted for publication by Barricade Books! It’s a dream come true! I was told by the owner of Barricade, Lyle Stuart, that one of best things about my writing was the incredibly good hook I used to captivate readers at the beginning of the book. You know where I got my inspiration? You guessed it, from AWAI’s copywriting program. At first, the beginning of the book lacked power – but when someone suggested a stronger lead, I turned to that section in the AWAI program. Just goes to show what good advice we receive, if only we’d apply it. I’m on cloud 9!"

– Cherie R.

That’s Great, Cherie! We’re very happy to hear that things are going so well for you. Keep up the good work.

And if you’ve been wondering whether or not to sign up for the Master’s program, maybe these words from Tricia G. will sway you …

"Hi, Scott. Just wanted to let you know I got the first 18 sections of the Master’s program today, and it looks absolutely fantastic! I’ve only looked through it, but already I’ve earmarked several things that get permanent title to my limited desk real estate! :)"

– Tricia G.

Thank you for the compliment, Tricia. As you know, the Masters program was recently revised. We rewrote every installment and even added a few new ones. There are new spec assignments too! The program is stronger than it’s ever been. If you are serious about becoming the absolute best copywriter, the Masters program is for you.

Thanks to one and all. Keep those emails coming!


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Published: July 25, 2005

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