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Letters from Members

This week, I heard from three AWAIers who are very excited about using what they’re learning about copywriting to turn their lives in new directions. I’ll let their words speak for themselves …

From Clyde M.:

"I’m currently taking this program and on my first assignment, I scored a 33 out of 40! I can’t tell you what this is doing for me. I was able to pick up my first client in California! I’m working on getting more travel assignments as a freelance copywriter. Thanks again!"

– Clyde M.

And from Beth C.:

"Yeah!! I am on my way! The week of waiting is OVER! I am so incredibly excited about this program, I can hardly stand myself. It’s been a great first week for me as I anticipate and dream, mentally changing gears to accept this wonderful new life direction. It’s motivating others around me as well.

"My friend the proofreader in California will benefit by helping me proofread. My friend the CPA will benefit by helping me with the business details. My friends in the Tampa NaNo writers’ group will benefit as they help me brainstorm ideas. Everyone wins!"

– Beth C.

And, finally, from Clifford B.:

"Over the last few months I have absorbed the copywriting mindset and it has changed my life. I’ve been sucking up everything I could find on copywriting and reading all the stories of deals being made and ventures being joined, and it dawned on me that I WAS THE ANSWER! I can’t believe I didn’t see it before!

"I am, in this town, the perfect person to start a real-estate publication focused on the particular part of the market that’s hot. I’ve already sold the concept (and the ad space) to the biggest realtors in town. They’ve been on board for months. What in hell was I waiting for?

"We are in business. My boss is now partnering with me, tending to the business side while I produce the copy, photos, layout, and distribution. (We’re working on the details yet, and I’d appreciate any wisdom you folks could help me with. I’m a noob in some areas.)

"So, what opened my wife’s blue eyes and stilled her sweet lips, if only briefly? The realization that this ‘silly’ program was directly responsible for a new business that will soon clear thousands a month, starting NOW. With this publication, I’ll pay for the program, and for Bootcamp, a dozen times over this year."

– Clifford B.

Best of luck to you, Clyde and Beth and Clifford – and to everyone else out there. Keep those letters coming!!


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Published: July 11, 2005

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