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Hello, one and all.

If you haven’t yet checked out, I bet you will after you read this recommendation from Ed. T.:

"Scott, when we last spoke, I told you that I’d gotten a project from I did that project on spec and will receive commissions on sales. The same client gave me another project, again with a percentage.

But best of all, he gave me a letter of recommendation.The result: two live examples for my portfolio and a letter of recommendation. Which was what I really wanted in the first place. The commissions are a nice extra.

"And, I just got another job from … this one in my niche, bilingual copywriting and graphic design. The client wrote to me and asked for a quote, which I had for him the next day. That was a key for him … since, as he said, it showed him I was responsive and professional.

"Bottom line … I kept in touch with my client by sending little emails with helpful hints for the project. And, lo and behold, the marketing director contacted me last week and we’re going full speed ahead. I even had to bring in some help to translate the product (a book) because of the short deadline.

"So for everyone out there, I really recommend checking out the jobs at They are real and produce results. And Scott, please pass on my thanks for all the help to the folks at AWAI."

– Ed T.

Hi, Ed. It’s good to hear that you’ve been using It’s been a huge hit since we launched it earlier this year. There are always at least 125 jobs posted. I can’t tell you how many of our up and coming copywriters have gotten their first paying assignments from it. Thanks for letting us know how well it worked for you – and keep up the good work.

Like Ed T., David S. got his first paying job as a result of an opportunity created by AWAI. In David’s case, it was the result of participating in our Selling Yourself Weekend …

"I have a little bit of good news, Scott. I have just received what will turn out to be my first paying job. The best part is that it originated due to the Selling Yourself Weekend! A very busy and well-known client has asked me to write a landing page for an email marketing message.

"I’ve never done either a landing page or an email marketing message. So the question I have for you is: Where should I go to look at a few great examples of both?

"I’m excited. If this job goes as well as I expect it to, it should be a great start to my career. Anything you could suggest would be greatly appreciated."

– David S.

Congratulations, David! The attendees of the Selling Yourself Weekend have been doing very well. I am glad that you are one of them.

To answer your question, there is some information in your workbook from the Selling Yourself Weekend. However, there are other sources to look at as well. Start with our website and the Internet promotions that we send. You’ll also find some very good examples on and

Go back through the basic copywriting program and the Hall of Fame book. Look up a couple of companies that have promotions in there. Do all that, and I’m sure you’ll have everything you need to help you do a great job.

Thanks to one and all. Keep those emails coming!


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The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: August 1, 2005

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