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Seeding Yourself on Mailing Lists

Before we get to the Mailbag for this week, here’s something for those of you who live in Vancouver, Canada: Freelance copywriter David Coyne is putting together a networking/support group for copywriters. If you’re interested, check out this link:

Now, let’s see if I can answer a few questions for you. First, this one from Steve W.…

"I have completed my final assignment in the accelerated program and I’m looking forward to getting my new career started. I would like to know the best way of finding potential clients in the Alternative Health field. I’ve done a Google search, but couldn’t really find out what I needed to know.

"I realize that AWAI’s ‘Secrets of Writing for the Health Market’ program could help me, but I simply can’t afford it at this point. I am looking forward to being able to attend Bootcamp next year, but first I have to get that all-important ‘1st’ client. Any direction you can give me will be appreciated more than you know. Thanks so much for your help."

– Steve W.

Well, Steve, there is a company called Target Market that produces "The Directory of Major Mailers and What They Mail." It lists over 7,000 companies that regularly use direct response marketing along with contact information for their marketing managers. However, it is relatively expensive – and since you are only interested in the health market, you would be paying for a lot if information you don’t need.

My suggestion is to go ahead and take the AWAI "Secrets of Writing for the Health Market " program. Yes, it is an investment – but when you sign up, you get over 300 health marketers from Target’s directory" (among other bonuses).

That’s your best option. But if it doesn’t work for you, you could steal a play from the "copywriting program" and seed yourself on as many health market mailing lists as possible. Look back to Part III, Section 13. There are step-by-step instructions for getting on DM mailing lists. Then, just sit back and watch the mail come in. Every promotion you get will be from a potential client.

And here’s a question from Ed T., who has completed not only the basic and Masters copywriting programs but also Graphic Design Success …

"In his ‘62 Most Common Questions, Answered,’ Bob Bly gave us his fee schedule and some guidance on what to charge for Internet projects. BUT, nothing on Internet royalties – and that’s where the real money is. Can you help?"

– Ed T.

Bob Bly’s "62 Most Commonly Asked Questions, Answered" is a great reference. However, for more detailed information about writing (and getting paid handsomely) for the Internet market, you should sign up for the "Secrets of Writing for the Internet" program. You’ll learn exactly how and what to charge for each assignment, and how to increase your fees by increasing your skill. For instance, you’ll learn that royalties for Internet copy generally come as a percentage of sales … and why charging more for your work could actually land you more clients. Keep up the good work, Ed! Writing Internet copy is an excellent niche.

Finally, here’s a great email from Louis H.…

"Dear Scott, I just wanted to thank AWAI. I bought the 6 Figure Copywriting program in 2004, and just landed my dream gig as an in-house copywriter for a major direct-mail vitamin/supplement company. And I couldn’t be happier!

"To keep things moving toward my ultimate goal of being one of the top freelance copywriters in the WORLD, I just ordered the Masters program. (It should be arriving here any day now.) And I’ll be attending your Fast Track to Success Bootcamp in October. Thanks again! I’ll see you there!"

– Louis H.

Thanks to one and all. Keep those emails coming!


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Published: September 19, 2005

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