October 2005

Quick Tip: What Top Copywriter Matt Furey Wants You to Read

The book that tops Matt Furey's must-read list.

The Secret of Selling With Storytelling, Part 2

The four basic steps to writing a successful storytelling lead.

Quick Tip From Bootcamp: Numerals or Words?

The best way to handle numbers in your copy.

The Secret of Selling With Storytelling, Part 1

Jen Stevens and John Forde explain the power of a storytelling in your copy.

Quick Tip: Back Up and Sleep Soundly, Part 2

Find out the best way to back up your files.

Stop Reinventing the Wheel: Use Templates to Jump-Start Your Designs

Roger Parker shows you how to be more productive as a designer by using design templates.

From the IFD Mailbag … Paid Assignments From Bootcamp Networking

Susie Henderson shares how networking at bootcamp can lead to getting paid assignments.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Bootcamp 2005

Scott Rempe talks about bootcamp.

Success Story: Marshall Ronco

An AWAI member shares how to land additional assignments with a client.

Quick Tip: How to Use a Split Screen to Improve Your Headline and Lead

A simple word processor trick you can use to improve your headline and lead.

Brian Tracy’s 6 Success Secrets From Bootcamp

World-famous success coach, Brain Tracy shows how to achieve your dreams.

Quick Tip: Two Words That Could Kill Your Promotion

Choosing the wrong word can reduce your promotion's results.

Tapping Into a $1.5 BILLION Industry

Kelly Milner Hall shares her insights on how to break in to and succeed at writing children's books.

Quick Tip: Back Up and Sleep Soundly, Part 1

Find out the best way to back up your computer files.

Choosing the Right Computer System, Part 5: Graphic Gadgets Demystified

Graphic design experts share their thoughts on graphic design gadgets.

From the IFD Mailbag … Graphic Design Software

Kristin Schwarz gives you an introduction to graphic design software.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Seeds of Wealth

Scott Rempe talks about seedsofwealth.com.

Quick Tip: A Little-Known Place to Find New Clients

Lisa Sargent shares a place to find local clients that most copywriters don't consider.

Finding a Winning Tone for Your Copy, Part 4

Paul Hollingshead shares five secrets to writing copy in the best tone for each project.