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Seeds of Wealth

We’ve got two questions today – one from John M., a member of our Master’s program, and one from Horace B., who is relatively new to our basic copywriting program. Let’s start with John’s question …

"I’ve just completed Master’s Session 7, which covers the second leg of the ‘Four Legged Stool.’ Part of the assignment for this session – and other recent sessions – is to apply the technique we learned in the session to our ‘Seeds of Wealth’ spec assignment.

"I was wondering if any portion/components of the ‘Seeds of Wealth’ package are available for review … or if I could borrow the product in order to review it? I think it would be more beneficial – and lead to a better chance of me providing the client with a spec letter they find worthy of using – if I had the actual product to look through and pull features out of, rather than trying to ‘reverse engineer’ the sales letter.

"If this would be possible, I would very much appreciate it. If not, I’ll do my best to work with what was included with Session 6."

– John M.

John, I’m going to refer you to a very recent issue of The Golden Thread. In that issue, Will Newman wrote an article that addressed spec assignments.

One of the points he made: When you are given a spec assignment, the client is not expecting you to "nail it" on the first try. He is not expecting you to write the perfect letter without seeing the entire product and having all the information about it. Nor is he willing, at that stage of the game, to spend his valuable time putting together a full package of "stuff" for you.

What he is looking for is to see if you have writing talent. If he likes what he sees in your submission, you will get a copy of the product and all the help and resources that you need to do a complete job.

My advice is to get as much information as you can from the Seeds of Wealth website, And, if you’re truly interested in this, you might want to consider buying the program. I’ve seen it … it’s very good. And, a great gift to any children (and their parents) you care about.

And now, let’s see if I can help Horace …

"Unfortunately, I’m working two full-time jobs at the moment. So I’m completing the copywriting program at a snail’s pace … I’m still in Section III.

"My question for you is this: I’ve been reading The Golden Thread, and some of the ads at the end say ‘looking to hire AWAI Copywriters and Graphic Designers.’ Are these offerings only for people who have completed these programs? Or for people who are still actually working on them? Just curious."

– Horace B.

As Michael Masterson often says, you need to devote 600 to 1,000 hours of practice to become competent at any worthwhile skill. So, it’s good that you are moving along with the program, even if it is at a snail’s pace. In fact, given that you have two full-time jobs and are still finding the extra time to do it, it sounds like you are quite determined to become a copywriter.

The job postings in The Golden Thread (as well as on the website) are for all of our members. You can apply to them whether you’ve finished the program or not.

My general suggestion for people in your position, Horace, is to continue to look at the job postings in TGT and on to familiarize yourself with what’s out there. Keep an eye on assignments that you think you would enjoy, and see if you can determine a niche you would like to write for.

If you do that while you are still practicing your new skill, you’ll be a step ahead once you are done with the program and ready for your first clients.

Best of luck to John and Horace. And thanks to one and all. Keep those emails coming!


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Published: October 3, 2005

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