November 2005

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Letters from Members

Scott Rempe passes on some letters from members.

Quick Tip: 5 Pointers for Choosing the Name for Your Website

What you should consider before picking a name for your website.

Kill Your Ego

Monica Day explains how humility can help you succeed as a copywriter.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Taking on Multiple Assignments at Once

Scott Rempe talks about taking on multiple assignments at once.

Quick Tip: 2 Valuable Books to Improve Your Writing

Will Newman gives two excellent resources to improve your writing.

5 Steps to Take BEFORE Doing an Interview

Five steps you should take to prepare for an interview with an expert to ensure you get the most out of it.

How to Give Special Information the Impact It Needs

Kammy Thurman gives you five tips you can use to give important information the impact it deserves.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Hurricane Wilma

Scott Rempe returns with the latest mailbag installment after the interruption of Hurricane Wilma.

Quick Tip: Using Quotations to Sell Your Ideas

Famous quotes can give your package a lift, but only when used appropriately.

Seal the Deal With a Strong Order Device

Will Newman explains how to strengthen the order device.

Quick Tip: Master Pages – A Shortcut to Consistency, Productivity, and Profit

Find out how Master Pages can give your career a boost.

Quick Tip: 4 Relaxation Techniques to Keep You Productive and Profitable

Four ways to quickly relieve muscle tension and improve productivity.

Where to Find the Best Potential Clients

Chris Marlow emphasizes the importance of a quality prospect list and shares her favorite resource.

Quick Tip: Create a Professional Portfolio That Blows Clients Away

Designer Dennis Rome gives advice on presenting your portfolio as professionally as possible.

My 5 Personal Secrets to Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer

Lori Haller shares her secrets behind her successful graphic design career.