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Hurricane Wilma

Sorry there hasn’t been a Mailbag these last three weeks. Hurricane Wilma was disruptive to say the least. But things are back to normal now and the Mailbag will once again be a regular feature of The Golden Thread.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at the number of people who wrote in saying they missed the Mailbag. (I thought my Mom was my only fan!) I’m more motivated than ever to answer your questions … so, remember, keep those emails coming!!

Hi Scott,

I cannot remember exactly how I stumbled upon the AWAI website and also The Golden Thread Online e-letter. Let me tell you that ever since then, I have been looking forward to each e-letter as it provides scores of advice from well-known businessmen, marketers, copywriters and internet gurus. All I can say is, it is free information at its best!

The reason for me making that last statement is this; I am really, really new to copywriting and I have been absorbing and researching many materials on the subject. While I understand the immense opportunities that are available in the programs offered by AWAI and also the many bootcamps organized, I seldom hear success stories coming from outside the U.S. i.e. South East Asia.

Are there AWAI copywriters who have attained successes outside the U.S., in their home countries? Thanks for your time, Scott.

Vincent L.

Hello Vincent,

Thank you. I appreciate your kind words very much. I can assure you that we have members all over the world. Our office is filled with testimonial letters from a dozen different countries. And, there are even some members who have made it half way around the world to attend out annual bootcamp in Delray Beach Fl, in October.

While I can’t give you a list of these people, I can suggest one way to get in touch with them. Start a thread on the AWAI website forum asking for members from your country (and others) to participate. (If you’re living overseas and would like to help Vincent out, be on the lookout for his thread.)

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you involved in the AWAI copywriting program. Thanks to what I learned from "Six Figures" I now work full time as an independent copywriter.

It hasn’t taken long either. I started the program at the beginning of July, 2005. Things took off so fast, I’ve barely had a day off since.

I specialize in copywriting for the Internet. That’s allowed my website to play a major role in my marketing. Having a range of copywriting samples available for prospects to easily review has led to a number of sales. In the beginning I used samples from the program and others I wrote just as samples. I tried to include samples for each of the types of work I wanted. Now the old samples are being replaced by actual client work. (My website is:

Thanks AWAI!

Ronald M.

That’s great, Ronald. Keep up the good work.

Hello Scott,

As I receive direct response letters in the mail, there are a few that (even though I am just starting my copywriting education) I believe can be improved. My question is, when I come across a letter like that, who do I contact to sell myself and my copywriting services? My guess is that the company or organization that is being advertised hired a freelance copywriter to write it. Is there an agency behind the promotion? How do I know who to contact? Or should I use the contact information on the mail piece itself?


Jett C.

Hello Jett,

It sounds like you are definitely doing your homework. Good for you. There are a lot of bad promos out there that could benefit from a rewrite by a good copywriter.

Your best bet is to contact the company directly … very diplomatically. You never know, the person you’re contacting could be the person who wrote the letter!

Who you talk to at the company depends. If it’s a small to mid-sized company you may be speaking directly with the president or director of marketing. Call the phone number they give you on the promotion and ask to speak with the person in charge of hiring the copywriters. Even better, do some research before you call so you ask for them by name. Remember that your inquiry should be benefit (for the company) oriented. “Please take a chance with me” is not a compelling enough reason for them to hire you. They are looking for someone who can help them.

Bob Bly covers this approach and many more in his Selling Yourself teleconference series. Sounds like you’re ready for it. You can check it out here.

Keep up the good work!


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Published: November 14, 2005

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