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Here is an email from member Lisa S. She found a copywriting opportunity that she thought some other people might be interested in.

Hello Scott,

Are you a die-hard sports fanatic who also happens to be an AWAI-trained copywriter? Check this out if you’re looking to carve out a cool niche for your newly honed skills …

Marketing Sherpa’s ezine posts weekly job openings for upper-level marketing/communications positions. This week’s offerings include spots with The Philadelphia Eagles and World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (out of Stamford, CT). Even though you won’t be applying for VP of Marketing just yet, you can still put these postings to work for you.

Here’s how. The postings mean three things for AWAIers: 1) These organizations use copywriters. 2) Their budget is big enough to pay a decent rate. 3) If you’re into sports, it’s worthwhile to explore other teams/organizations like these and make yourself a specialist in this nifty niche market.

Here’s the link to the Sherpa postings:

Thanks! Good to see Mail Bag up and running again…

Lisa S.

Hi Scott,

Just a few lines from Northern Ireland to tell you that I’m working my way through the Michael Masterson Six-Figure Copywriting program.

I’m 47 years old and this program has given me a new lease on life. I’ve had my own business all my working life. Then three years ago I was forced, due to market decline in the bicycle industry (Lance Armstrong type bikes), to take a horrible mundane soul-destroying job. The one saving grace was that this job afforded me a lot of time to write. I was able to write pieces for varied fields.

  • I wrote motivational stuff.
  • Sports training and mental preparation.
  • Stories about cats and pets.
  • A tear jerker about my youngest son playing rugby at the Schools Cup Final.
  • Why people win and why people lose

Plus, I have always critiqued ads I read in newspapers and received in the mail. "What is this meant to do, why would anyone buy that" "there is no reason to buy that product or service."

Then… I came upon Bill Bonner’s letter asking could anyone write a letter like this one.

BANG…!! The fuse was lit. From there I found the AWAI website, and Michael Masterson’s copywriting program.

Finally, I had found something that I always enjoyed but never knew I could make a living at.


On Tuesday the 1st November 2005, 8 months after starting the program, I got my first real copywriting jobs.

  • A 10/12 page brochure for an Electrical Company
  • A promotion brochure for a REFLEXOLOGIST.
  • And more work on the way from other types of business.

It’s a very encouraging start for us here in Northern Ireland.

To any one who reads this, take heart and keep going, If I can do so can you.

Thank you from my heart AWAI. You’ve made an old man very happy.

Maurice M.

Hello Maurice,

Wow! That’s great. You’re proof that all it takes to become a freelance copywriter is hard work. We really believe that writers are made and not born. Anyone who is willing to put in the time can learn this skill. I’m looking forward to posting your future successes in the mail bag.

Thanks to one and all. Keep those emails coming!


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Published: November 28, 2005

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