From The Golden Thread Mailbag …

Hello AWAIers,

It’s with mixed emotions that I tell you this will be my farewell issue of the Mail Bag. I’ve been writing this column for more than a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing all your great questions, tips and success stories with me. Pat Coffey will be taking over as Mail Bag editor. I know she’ll do a great job … and hope she gets as much out of the experience as I have.

As for me, I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be heading up a new company called Accelerated Training Services. ATS offers mentoring and copy critiquing to aspiring copywriters. I’ll be writing you from time to time about our services. And, you can always call me at 888-329-2924.

Wishing you continued success!

Hi Scott,

I purchased AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting a few years ago and read every word. However, I have only used it for my own websites. And I haven’t really studied it like I know I should have … handed in any assignments.

I just started reading Schwartz’s “Breakthrough Advertising,” and realize he pegged me as the lowest on the totem pole of copywriters. This has inspired me to shake the dust off the original program. I had forgotten how much great information is in there.

Mike P.

Mike, that’s great!

I’m happy to hear that you’re picking up where you left off. It’s never too late, because you never lose the benefits that come with the program.

If you’re seriously determined to become a freelance copywriter, you might want to start reading Monthly Copywriting Genius, too. Reading and studying great copy is essential to learning how to write great copy. And MCG is a warehouse of current controls.

[You can learn more about Monthly Copywriting Genius here:]

Hi Scott,

So … how many AWAI members are as green as I am in this field of endeavor? I read so many success stories in The Golden Thread, but feel like I am somehow missing something. They all seem to have a background is some other field that allows them to merely incorporate the AWAI program into what they already know rather easily.

Don’t worry. I’m not giving up or getting discouraged. I am just trying to find out what I am missing.

Martha K.

Hello Martha,

You’re not missing anything.

We do get a number of people who take the program to enhance their skills at a current job or to learn how to market their own product or service. However, the majority of them are in the exact same boat as you. They want to be their own boss, and they’re learning a new skill from scratch.

Some of the success stories you see in The Golden Thread are a year in the making. It doesn’t always happen overnight. If you feel like you are missing something, you need only go to our Members-Only forum and to see how many members are chipping away at the program (just like you) and how many job opportunities there really are out there.

Remember, we are committed to providing our members with every resource they need to be successful. And we’ve developed material that can help you do everything from “making the leap” to learning the ins and outs of the business side of writing.

So never get discouraged. Just ask for help.

Thanks to one and all. Keep those emails coming!


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Published: March 27, 2006

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