June 2006

Quick Tip: How To Get Free Paper Samples

Find out how you can get free samples of paper

Avoiding the “I Can't Get Anything Done” Quagmire

Lori Haller shares six tips that can help you get more done while you work at home.

Quick Tip: Bring Nature Into Your Office for Greater Productivity

Bringing nature into your office environment will promote better health and productivity.

Getting Your Fundraising Envelope Opened, Part 2

Will Newman discusses how to write and design an envelop that will get your next fundraising package opened by more readers.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Self-Promotion Letter

Pat Coffey answers a member's question about self-promotion letters.

Quick Tip: A Low-Cost Way to Improve Your Copy

Donna Doyle tells you her no-nonsense strategy to putting out great copy.

Getting Your Fundraising Envelope Opened, Part 1

Learn by example. See what works in the fundraising market when it comes to envelope formats and writing with benefits in mind.

Quick Tip: Do You Really Need a Blog?

Find out how keeping a blog can help you reach more prospects.

Are You Committing These 12 Deadly Website Sins?

Kammy Thurman discusses 12 mistakes that be hurting your website's effectiveness

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Copy Platforms

Pat Coffey explains how copy platform are used when submitting an assignment to a client.

Quick Tip: A “Chair” That Strengthens Abs While You Work

Wouldn't it be nice if you could sit at your computer and work out? Today's Quick Tip shows that it's easier than you might think.

The Secret Qualities of Successful Information Products

Gary Scott has built a publishing empire and wants to share with you his 7 secret qualities that you can use to make more money using your learned copywriting skills.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Present Yourself as a Professional Copywriter

Pat Coffey talks about the importance of presenting yourself as a professional copywriter.

Quick Tip: Finding Articles on the Web

Look no further than today's Quick Tip for a place to find articles and ideas for your promotions.

Mastering the Hidden Power of Lift Notes

Master Copywriter John Forde tells you about a component of a strong sales package that's rapidly becoming forgotten … even though it can boost response significantly.

Strategies for Kick-Starting Your New Resume Business

Julien Sharp, one of the creators of AWAI’s Resume Program shares her strategies for starting your new resume business.

Quick Tip: A Free Resource for Adding Power to Adobe Products

Discover a resource for getting more out of your Adobe programs.

7 Core Secrets of Building a Highly Profitable Design Business

Discover Lori Haller's recommendations for keeping your design business on the right track.