Bootcamp Secrets:
A 1-Year Old Niche That’s Wide Open

This year’s Fast Track to Success Bootcamp was packed with so many great new ideas, it’s hard to figure out where to start.

But so far (I’m writing this while Bootcamp is still going on), one of the most exciting ideas I’ve run across has been about a copywriting niche that’s only a year old. It’s so new, it’s begging for copywriters who know a few easy secrets.

And it’s a niche where you can get paid between $150 and $2,000 PER PAGE for copy that’s around 250 words long.

I’m talking about Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) copywriting.

Now don’t let the name of this niche scare you away. It isn’t reserved for Internet geeks. SEO copywriting is nothing more than conventional copywriting for the Internet … with one slight twist. Let me explain.

When you go to a search engine like Yahoo or Google, you type in certain words to find what you’re looking for. In Internet jargon, these are called keyphrases or keywords. And SEO copywriting includes these keyphrases directly in the copy.

SEO guru Heather Lloyd Martin gave this example in her exciting Bootcamp presentation: Let’s say your client sells cashmere sweaters on his website. If you include the keyphrase “cashmere sweaters” on a Web page several times – and in the RIGHT ways – your client’s website will be listed much higher in the search results.

In other words, you will have written Web copy that OPTIMIZES search results: SEO.

SEO is not the same as the paid listings you see on the top and right-hand sides of search pages. SEO copywriting gives your clients the best positions in search engine results for free.

All this translates into more hits for your clients, higher profits for them, and more success for you as a copywriter.

During her presentation, Heather stressed that you can’t simply add a lot of keyphrases to Web copy and expect to have search engines place your client’s website high in the results. Search engines are very sophisticated. They’re able to figure out when someone’s simply piling on the keyphrases. And they do not list those sites … at all! So Heather gave us these 3 Secrets to Successful SEO Copywriting:

  1. Savvy keyword choices
  2. Longer sales copy
  3. Smart writing strategies

We don’t have room in this article to go into great detail on all three of these secrets, but I’ll give you a link later where you can learn more. And we’ll cover this topic again in the coming weeks. But for now, let’s look at the first secret: Savvy keyword choices.

If you want to write successful SEO copy, you must pinpoint keyphrases that prospects REALLY type into search boxes to find the kind of product your client is selling. While it may seem like you need a crystal ball for this, you don’t. In fact, it is a very easy task.

Heather told us to start by asking the client which keyphrases he’s used in the past and which have worked best. In addition, she recommended going to the following websites. (To avoid mistakes, copy and paste these Internet addresses into your Web browser):

Armed with the keyphrases you get with these four tools, you’ll be well on your way to writing powerful SEO Web copy that will get top results on search engines for your clients.

And you’ll be way ahead of other copywriters who are simply guessing which keyphrases to use. Or who aren’t even trying to optimize their Web copy.

The next step is putting those keyphrases into Web copy in ways that attract the most attention from search engines … which we’ll cover in future issues of The Golden Thread.

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Published: November 6, 2006

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