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CI: From your perspective, what does a copywriter need to know about the health industry?

NC: You need to know about the most popular or mainstream medical treatments. You also need to know about medicines and their risks or side effects. It’s also good to know about diet and exercise trends, and whether these trends are “right” or “wrong.” I say this because the “trend” needs to make sense to you as the copywriter. Know what opinions are out there. Many diets change frequently.

You should know about the history, credibility, and success rate of alternative treatments. And know about other popular treatments. You need to understand a broad scope of the world that you’re entering. Always supplement your knowledge with online research.

CI: What is the most important part of a health promotion?

NC: It includes the same things that are taught in AWAI’s basic copywriting program – benefits, credibility, uniqueness. The more specific you are in your writing, the better. How long does it take for something to work? Who else is using it? A doctor has credibility, but you need to include studies to enhance this. What’s unique about the product? Remember – structure, function, claims.

CI: What are the “hot buttons”?

NC: Illnesses that get the biggest response are heart disease, anti-aging, prostate problems, impotence, and cancer. You can also highlight side effects, costs, prescription drugs. It’s fear and what people are already trapped into doing – like if you’re taking aspirin or taking Prozac.

There’s a “toxic world” theme in some promotions. Infectious diseases are another. It’s easy to build an argument for how dangerous the environment is.

Any remedy that is fast, proven, safe, natural – you always have to be balanced with credibility and be specific.

CI: Any insight on how to get into the heads of your prospects?

NC: Think of friends and family members who are in your target age group. Read magazines and tabloids that are targeted to them.

CI: Is there a particular tone or voice that is best to use for this market?

NC: Positive. Use positive leads. Be positive, bold, and optimistic. Fear is also a hot button.

CI: Any thoughts on core emotions best used in health promotions?

NC: Fear, anger, and hope. You can get bogged down in fear and anger. Anger over not getting what you want out of the treatments you’re paying for … spending a lot of money and not getting what you’re told you’re getting … being told that you need to live with it because you’re getting old.

Anger toward the pharmaceutical industry has been used in some promotions. If you can come up with a tone that is authoritative and angry but really solid in the benefits, you’re in a strong position – because people can feel the inside scoop. Julian Whitaker’s promotions are good examples of this.

CI: What makes a promotion successful?

NC: Credibility, promise, uniqueness, track record.

CI: Anything else you want our AWAI Members to know about writing health promotions?

NC: Don’t underestimate the intelligence of the reader, but use basic ways to explain something that may be new or different.

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Published: March 28, 2007

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