Big-Time Email Copywriting Mistakes,
Part 2

For a moment, let’s pretend you’re witnessing a conversation I’m having in a bar with a few aspiring email copywriters.

After I’ve had a few drinks, these men and women realize I am about “three sheets to the wind.”

They figure the moment is NOW – so they pop the question: “Furey, without all the B.S., what’s the single biggest email copywriting mistake you see people making?”

Being that I’m feeling totally uninhibited – which is my normal state anyway (but who’s checking?) – I don’t hold back. Without hesitation, I say, “The biggest mistake of them all is over-teaching in your emails. Let’s be honest, teachers aren’t very highly paid. There’s no money in the profession. But there is big money in copywriting, especially email copywriting – and it’s the easiest way for a copywriter to hit six figures per year.”

When you hear this, your eyes pop with amazement. You can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch. You jump into the conversation to say, “But I heard an email needs to be loaded with content. I heard it needs to teach.”

“It needs to teach all right,” I reply. “It needs to teach people to sit up and pay close attention to everything you write. It needs to teach people to be in AWE – to be mesmerized. It needs to teach people how to laugh again, how to enjoy life, how to be inspired to reach for the stars and go for it. But anything beyond that is over-teaching – and when you over-teach, you cannot sell anything. That is where the fine line gets blurred.”

We’ve all heard the roar about giving away the store in terms of free content in order to woo the buyer to purchase our products. But that’s NOT the best strategy. And so, as an email copywriter, you need to be keenly aware of this important distinction.

Write copy that teaches too much, and sales suffer.

Write copy that gets the reader curious, excited, and eager for more – then sales will BOOM and those you’re writing for will love you.

The good news is that YOU – as an email copywriter – will NOT have to do boatloads of research for your client in order to write stunning, money-drenching emails. You simply have to be able to relax and write a good story. And that is incredibly easy to do when you learn my method for writing emails.

“Why no research?” you ask.

Easy answer: If you’re NOT teaching in your emails – no need for a ton of research. Leave that to those who create the products you are promoting.

Your job is simple: You write emails that info-tain the reader so much he can’t wait to read your next dispatch.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Info-tain? Are you serious?”

Sure am. And do you want to know why? It’s because those who entertain us make a boatload of money. You, as an email copywriter, can do something great with your talent – and be totally free and open as you take off the hat of “expert” and become an info-tainer. You entertain with information – and that leads to increased sales.

To master this craft, you don’t need a lot of time. In fact, within just 48 hours, I can help you write kick-butt emails that businesses will pay dearly for.

And you can write those emails fast – in 10-20 minutes.

You can get clients who will gladly pay you $6,000.00 – 10,000.00 per month, and that is for doing nothing more than writing 400-600 word emails. One or two a day will take you less than an hour – and that’s with one arm and one side of your brain tied behind your back.

On May 16-18, I’ll teach you The Furey Method for Making a Fortune with Email. You’ll be amazed at how much opportunity is begging for you to come claim it, to seize it.

Will you stake your claim? Will you seize the day?

If so, I’ll be seeing you very soon.

Matt Furey
Zen Master of the Internet®

[Read part one of this article.]

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Published: March 7, 2007

1 Response to “Big-Time Email Copywriting Mistakes, Part 2”

  1. What? 2007? When will Matt be doing another seminar like this? I'll sign up today.

    Rachel Karl

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