A $7.5 Billion Niche That’s Begging for Copywriters

The Christian market has always been “hands-off” when it comes to copywriting or marketing. “Selling religion” has been frowned upon for years and even considered borderline sinful. So, naturally, it has rarely been considered as an opportunity for the serious copywriter.

But times have changed. The American Christian consciousness has crossed over into the mainstream and is now accepting marketing to promote their message. And it’s not just fundraising and sales of religious paraphernalia that make up the revenue base of the Christian market.

For example, Christian books used to be seen only in Christian bookstores. And they weren’t listed on The New York Times best-seller list, even though they outsold many top-10 books.

But now Christian books maintain a constant presence on The Times best-seller list, alongside mainstream books. Whether in fiction or non-fiction, the Christian book market is now a recognizable “brand.”

Christian rock has its own CD section in mainstream music stores. And, according to a recent issue of Christianity Today, while other radio formats have been in decline, Christian radio has grown 38% since 1998. No longer just airing programs like “The Gospel Hour,” it now includes full-fledged talk-radio shows, 24/7 music stations, and a variety of programming with advertising sponsors.

The Christian market has increased astronomically, becoming a huge market to reckon with. Huge to the tune of $7.5 billion last year and growing faster than retail.

The popularity and explosive growth of this market cries out for good copywriters who know how to navigate the waters.

How to Write Christian Copy

The first thing to remember is that Christians are people. By this, I mean that the same principles you apply to all copywriting apply here as well.

BUT … you must understand how to speak the language. And this is not a “one size fits all” situation.

If you think that a Christian is a Christian is a Christian, you’ll be lost. All Christians may believe in the same God, but their language can be as different and varied as the dialects of China.

For example, I market a 6-session class on Psalm 23 called “A Closer Walk with Thee.” Depending on who I’m marketing this class to, I need to make sure I’m targeting my copy directly to them.

When writing to Fundamentalists and Conservatives, I promote the Biblical accuracy of my class and its impact on moral and ethical decisions.

When writing to Methodists or more liberal groups, I promote the benefits of my class for building a more loving and fulfilling relationship with God.

When writing to ministers, I show how the information can provide their congregation with a more prosperous mindset and a stronger, more productive, and trusting connection to God.

It’s the same product in all three cases. But if I don’t use the language of the Christian group I’m writing to, I could offend them very quickly or totally miss showing them that they can find what they’re looking for in my class.

Make Your Mark Early, and the Rewards Will Be Great

Right now, writing copy for the Christian market is a wide open arena. And hardly anyone understands it … YET.

In fact, there are times when I feel like I’m the only one.

Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about. Last year, I had several projects going on and needed some help. So I posted a request for “Christian copywriters” on two separate services.

To my surprise, I received very few responses. And the ones I got totally misunderstood what I was asking for. They thought “Christian copywriters” meant a copywriter who was a Christian.

When I explained that I wanted sales copy written “TO” the Christian market, no one stepped up. So I wound up having to do it all myself.

I’m not sure why there are so few copywriters for this growing market. I just know that it can be a remarkable opportunity for many copywriters. I make a very comfortable 6-figure income doing it, and have for years.

Maybe I should just keep this a secret and quietly go about my business. But the Christian market is growing so fast and is so responsive, there’s no reason to keep it to myself. There is plenty of work to go around.

Writing for this market is an ideal way to make a profession out of writing about something you’re passionate about. And when you do, you’ll be tapping into a $7.5 billion market that can fuel a lucrative and personally fulfilling career.

Christian Market Copywriting Secrets

Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market

Your faith and your work can go hand-in-hand. Learn how to succeed in the growing Christian market. You can build your career writing copy that brings hope to others. Learn More »

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Published: May 14, 2007

4 Responses to “A $7.5 Billion Niche That’s Begging for Copywriters”

  1. I was searching the web for chrisitan copywriters and saw your add. I am very interested christian copy writing!
    Please tell me more!


  2. Mr. Clarke,

    I don't know how many "Christian copywriters" finally answered your call, but if it is not too late, I would love to apply. I am a Christian & have been very interested in writing in this niche. I am very passionate about this area & I have a great love for our Lord. I am nearly 60 years old & after 45 years of trying out every church & faith on the planet, I have finally settled to the one that captured my heart many years ago - the Catholic faith.


  3. Blessings, this information is great to know because this is the market that I am interested in writing for being that my writings and life relate very much to being a Christian. Very detailed and valuable information given. Thanks

    Luz Perez Ruiz

  4. Amazing.

    I already write for several Christian ministries (with limited budgets) by providing their social media and ads. The money is nominal, but that's OK, because it's a passion for me.

    I've wondered if the opportunity existed to expand my reach and increase my income at the same time. You answered my question. Thanks!

    George Austin

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