A Concerned AWAIer Asks …
“Doesn’t more copywriters mean more competition?!”

Among the early submissions for AWAI’s “March Madness” Bullet Challenge was this question from Jim U.:

Hi Katie,

I’m not sure it’s in my best interests to write up bullets for the copywriting program, since more sales will generate more competition for us budding writers!

What do you think?

Best, Jim U., AWAI member since Sept. 2007

Here’s my response to Jim …

Dear Jim,

I completely understand your concern. In fact, many new copywriters have the same one.

It’s a bit counterintuitive, but the truth is that the more copywriters there are writing sales letters for businesses, the more sales these businesses make. The more sales they make, the greater their need for additional sales letters … AND copywriters to write them. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

As an example, company AllHealth sells supplements. They send out a promotion written by copywriter Dan. It’s a winner … brings in 1,000 customers. Company AllHealth will then go back to copywriter Dan to write another letter for them … plus, they’ll go to copywriter Sue to write a letter to test against Dan’s original letter. (That’s three letters. And this process will most likely be repeated a minimum of four times a year.)

While that’s going on, company AllHealth is going to want to stay in touch with these 1,000 new customers on a regular basis … most likely through an e-letter … which they hire copywriter Louise to write. (50 issues a year.) Plus, they’ll want to let these 1,000 people know about the 20 other great products they offer (another 20 promos) … which they could very well hire copywriters Steve, Joe, and Kim to write for them throughout the year.

So you can see how that one winning letter written by copywriter Dan has now led to 81 additional copy assignments that company AllHealth will be happy to pay six different copywriters for.

Or, put more simply, the more the direct-response industry grows (and it is growing, every single year), the more copywriters will be in demand.

According to the “2007 Salary Guides” from Robert Half International, the demand for skilled copywriters is rising as more companies require compelling content for Web-based promos and print advertising. In fact, 60 percent of advertising and marketing executives who plan to hire new employees said they’ll be adding copywriters.

Plus, there’s the Internet. Over 1 billion people are now online. As more and more businesses go online to sell their wares, the demand for copywriters will continue to increase.

So, Jim, take our Challenge! Write us some powerful bullets so we can get more good copywriters trained. The economy is depending on us!

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Published: February 25, 2008

1 Response to “A Concerned AWAIer Asks … “Doesn’t more copywriters mean more competition?!””

  1. Great answer. Thanks


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