How to Create a “Snowball Effect” to Dramatically Increase Your Client’s Online Sales … and Keep Your Schedule Filled With Steady Work

The two most common emails marketers use are e-zines and e-letters.

An “e-zine,” short for “electronic magazine,” is essentially a newsletter or magazine that is sent out via email. Early To Rise and Copywriting Insider are both examples of e-zines.

An “e-letter” looks more like an email you might send to a friend. It’s conversational in tone, and typically revolves around a single thought.

Today I’m going to focus specifically on e-letters and why writing them is potentially the most lucrative niche available to copywriters.

Some businesses send out e-letters daily … some twice a day … others weekly, biweekly or monthly.

According to the master e-letter writer, Matt Furey, the more e-letters/emails you send out, the more money you’ll make … “Once a day is better than once per week. Twice a day is better than once a day. Three emails per day will out-pull one and two.”

Here are some of the reasons why an e-letter campaign makes sense for your client:

  1. Sending regular e-letters establishes an ongoing relationship with their prospects and clients. Not only does it keep their prospects and customers informed about new products, market trends and other important information, it creates a lasting bond of trust with readers.
  2. It keeps them at their customer’s doorstep. Your client’s products and services are always top of mind with the people most likely to purchase them.
  3. Your client’s prospects and customers are interested in what they have to say. Subscribers recognize there will be sales offers made to them. They expect it and accept it. Most times they’re interested to find out what’s new and what’s available to help them accomplish their goals and objectives.
  4. Your client’s sales will increase. They will make more sales. A well-orchestrated and thought-out e-letter campaign can transform a company that’s struggling into a financial powerhouse.
  5. They take far less work than writing a regular e-zine. It takes Matt Furey an average of 12 minutes to write an email. Of course, Matt is one of the best in the world at it, so it will take you longer – but it can take days to put together an entire e-zine issue.

Now let’s take a look at how you can use the e-letter to create a “snowball effect” that will lead to a dramatic explosion of your client’s online sales.

  1. First, obviously, is that they send out a daily email (written by you) to their prospects and clients.
  2. Then you create a blog with an “Opt In” area for people wishing to subscribe to their email service.
  3. You put the content from your emails onto their blog. This way your content will have an effect long after it’s been forgotten in your subscriber’s inbox.
  4. Here’s where the snowball effect starts. Because you now have so much great content on their blog, their search engine ranking goes up.
  5. And because their search engine ranking goes up, more people visit their blog.
  6. And because of the increased traffic, more people subscribe to their email service.
  7. And more subscribers to their email service mean more sales for your client.

Of course, each step along the way, you’re charging for what you do. It won’t take long before you’ve built up a steady income – which your client will be more than happy to pay.


Because the revenue potential for them is huge! Here’s a very conservative example …

If 10,000 people receive their e-letter, and twice a month 3% of them respond to an offer that makes your client a $100.00 profit – that’s a total of $60,000 in profits per month. (3% of 10,000 is 300 people. 300 times $100 = $30,000. $30,000 twice a month = $60,000.)

I think you can see the potential here.

There are literally thousands of companies who don’t send out regular emails. Yet very few copywriters know how to write them.

So if you’re looking for a niche to specialize in or just looking to add another tool to your copywriting tool kit, writing e-letters just might be the perfect fit.

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Published: July 29, 2008

1 Response to “How to Create a “Snowball Effect” to Dramatically Increase Your Client’s Online Sales … and Keep Your Schedule Filled With Steady Work”

  1. I need an outline of an e-letter. How is it different than other letters?

    Daniel D

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