Six Ways to Take Your Online Income to the Next Level

In my last article, I went through 18 different techniques for marketing your e-book online to new buyers and generating an uninterrupted stream of online profits.

Today I’m going to show you how to take those same buyers and generate an even bigger income stream. While your e-book has the potential to generate a solid secondary income on its own, developing a backend strategy will allow you to generate an exponentially bigger one.

The “backend” is what you will promote to your buyer after he has purchased your e-book, and it typically consists of higher-priced products.

Let’s say the title of your e-book is How to Become a Fly Fishing Expert. Your customer has purchased the book and loves your innovative fly fishing tips. You’ve got your buyer very interested in what you have to say, so now is the best time to sell them something else. Here are six ideas for your “fly fishing” backend:

  1. Another e-Book

    Your customer bought one e-book from you, so there’s a good chance he may buy another (and another after that one). For example, you could write an e-book about more advanced fly fishing techniques, or one that details “The Top 50 Fly Fishing Spots in North America.”

    Extra bonus: If you’re a member, you can also have members of Clickbank’s affiliate network selling your e-books for you.

  2. Online Course

    Can you teach someone how to fly fish online? Why not! There are plenty of resources available to tell you how to do it. Just type “develop an online course” into any search engine for examples that you can use to develop your own.

  3. Teleseminar

    Hire a moderator to interview you about fly fishing, or invite an expert on a related topic to participate in the call. Invite your buyers to attend the live call, and also record and sell the recordings at a later date.

    A teleseminar actually gives you two possible ways to generate income. You can either charge your buyers to listen to the teleseminar, or give it away and make your money by selling someone else’s product during the call in exchange for a commission. For example, have a local travel agent join the call and talk about a fly fishing vacation package. Work out a deal in advance where you get a percentage of the revenue generated.

  4. Webinar

    Unlike a teleseminar, a webinar adds a visual element to the meeting or presentation, and takes place on the Internet. It may consist of a PowerPoint presentation, text chat, video (of you reeling in a gigantic fish perhaps?) or even live video of you via your web cam. A webinar is a convenient and economical way to make conference-like presentations to your prospects, no matter where in the world they reside.

  5. Subscription-Based Site/Service

    If your area of expertise lends itself to lots of fresh and new content, you can set up a membership site to publish your information. Since you charge your members to access the content, it’s one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the Internet. For example, if 200 fly fishermen subscribe to your e-newsletter or site at a cost of $40 per month, that’s $96,000 a year right there.

  6. Live Event

    As your customer list grows, you may want to develop some higher-priced products, such as a conference or seminar. Because not only do fly fishermen love to learn about new fly fishing innovations, they love to mingle with other fly fishermen (let’s assume). The added bonus of organizing an event is if you video or record it, you’ll instantly have another product to sell.

No matter which online marketing methods you choose, it’s important to never lose sight of the fact that “It’s all about your customer” – not you. Frank Bettger hit the nail on the head in his classic sales book, How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling when he said sales is about … “Finding out what people want, and helping them get it.”

Keep that in mind as you develop your “backend” strategy – add in determination and a “can do” attitude – and I’m confident you’ll meet and exceed all your online marketing and sales goals.

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Published: September 24, 2008

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