Financial Advisory Services – Your Key to the “Holy Grail” of Copywriting

The competition among financial advisors is stiff. This group of professionals can’t allow their marketing materials to fall flat or grow stale. To that end, most of them need the services of a good writer.

Writing for a financial advisor is a little different than writing for a financial newsletter publisher. Unlike a newsletter that simply offers investment advice, the financial advisor has a much more personal relationship with his client. He guides his client through the variety of services he offers, to ultimately grow and manage his client’s money.

Because of this close relationship, trust and credibility are more important than ever. As a copywriter, you need to do everything you can to establish the financial advisor as a trustworthy person. Here are some ways you can do that …

  • Be persistent in getting real and useful testimonials from happy clients. Help the financial advisor to set up a way to systematically collect and organize positive feedback that he gets from his clients.
  • Conduct an interview with one of the advisor’s happy clients, and include a longer testimonial or a brief case study as a lift piece in his marketing materials.
  • Help the advisor to catalog his track record of success. What percentage of his clients are satisfied? What is the average annual investment growth that he provides his clients?
  • List the advisor’s credentials. How many years of experience does he have? What special certifications has he earned? What well-known people in the area use his services and are willing to provide an endorsement?

Creating a sense of trust and credibility in your reader is paramount when you’re writing a promotion for a financial advisor. But you can take things a step further and help your client increase his business while boosting your own income at the same time.

Loyalty Is Where the Real Money Is

In the financial advisory world, loyalty is where the real money and success is. If a financial advisor can engender loyalty in his customers, he can turn them into long-term clients – people who will use more of his services and give him word-of-mouth advertising.

It’s a well-known fact in marketing circles that it’s cheaper to get an existing client to make an additional purchase than it is to find a new client. This is very true when it comes to financial advisors. Successful financial advisors are those who have leveraged their backend. To do that requires a certain level of loyalty from their clients. So how do you, as a copywriter, help your financial advisor clients build loyalty among their clientele? Here are few ideas …

  • Give away value. Nothing generates loyalty more than receiving something of value for free. A useful newsletter filled with investing tips, market news, and information about additional services the financial advisor offers is the perfect value-added marketing piece. It’s also an ongoing project that you can write for your client.
  • Communicate. A financial advisor’s clients can’t buy services they don’t know exist. Encourage your client to develop marketing materials for each of his services. A full, comprehensive marketing package will help him leverage his backend … and it’s another project for you.
  • Set up a referral program. Some of the most effective marketing is word-of-mouth marketing. Help your financial advisors set up a referral program that will help generate word-of-mouth business. Of course, you should offer to write all the materials for this vital campaign.
  • Create a survey. Help your financial advisor client find out what his clients think and what services they are interested in. A survey can help gather information from clients that will help the financial advisor expand and tailor his services and help you write more effective materials.

Financial advisors do a ton of marketing. They are always looking for ways to attract new clients and improve the relationship they have with existing clients. To that end, many have an ongoing need for a good writer. It’s a great opportunity to work with local clients, and it can give your income a significant boost.

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Published: October 21, 2008

1 Response to “Financial Advisory Services – Your Key to the “Holy Grail” of Copywriting”

  1. Financial advisors are a great market for freelance writers. However, those who are licensed as investment advisors by the SEC or state regulators(as opposed to being regulated as insurance agents or securities brokers) are prohibited from using client testimonials in their marketing. This is a big regulatory no-no, so it's not a good idea to pitch testimonials to an investment advisor.

    Guest (Harry John)

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