Banking? Now? Really?

You might think I’m crazy to recommend you approach local banks with your copywriting services. With all the news of financial crisis in the past week, banks are probably the last prospects you’re considering approaching. But there are some good reasons why now might be a good time to land some new clients in the banking sector.

First, during times of uncertainty, most businesses begin looking for ways to save money. A freelancer offers them the perfect opportunity to reduce their expenses without giving up on things like new marketing materials. As a freelancer, they’ll pay you only for the work you do. You provide your own infrastructure and benefits package. They get professional, polished marketing materials at a lower cost than they would if they kept a full-time writer on staff. It’s a good deal for them, but you do need to point out the advantages when you approach them.

Second, during times of uncertainty, marketing is one of the first things many businesses cut, even though long-term that decision can do a great deal of damage. A smart manager will be looking for alternatives to cutting marketing efforts. Your services can provide just the alternative banks need right now.

Third, now more than ever, banks need writers who can present their reputation in a solid, stable, untarnished light. There are plenty of banks out there who are on solid ground. They need to get the word out about that to their customers. As a writer in the professional services industry, you might be just the person they need to achieve this aim.

Building Repeat Customers in the Banking Sector

To succeed in the banking sector, you need to understand your client’s needs and to deliver on them consistently. Here are some things to consider when writing for the banking industry …

Listen: One of the most important things you can do when working with any client is to listen and ask lots of questions. Some copywriters resist the part about asking lots of questions. They’re concerned that they might not sound as informed as they should. If you worry about that, just remind your customers that the questions – even the simple ones – sometimes reveal something unexpected and valuable. Also remind them that when you ask questions now, it usually means less time spent on editing later.

Less Hype, More Polish: Banks provide a professional service to people. Not only that, they hold money for people and promise to keep it safe. To this end, banks need to present a rock-solid, stable, polished image. Make big promises, but do it without any hype.

Branding and Trust: The trust of its customers is the most important thing a bank has. Keep that in mind as you’re writing. Most banks already have a well-established brand. If that brand has been working for them, then you need to work within that brand. Your job is to support and enhance their reputation – not to change it unless they ask you to.

Backend Sales: Like any other business, banks do best when they can sell multiple services to their existing customers. These kinds of backend promotions are a great place for you to start with a new client. Often the promotions are shorter and are sent to existing clients. Succeed here, and you’ll be on to bigger and more involved projects in no time.

The banking industry is in a state of upheaval at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hiring new talent. Now may be a time when they’re especially interested in developing relationships with talented freelancers. Use that to your advantage and start getting your name out there.

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Published: October 7, 2008

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