The Difference Between Earning a Living and Amassing a Fortune As a Copywriter

It’s opening day of this year’s AWAI FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp, and we’ve hit the ground running!

Mike Palmer just gave us the keys to the kingdom of higher response. Now, Bob Bly is hosting a rather unusual Q&A session with a panel of marketers and AWAI members turned six-figure copywriters …

“The quickest way to boost your income,” says Bob Bly “is to be more than just a copywriter … ”

The entire panel shook their head in agreement. Among them: six-figure copywriters Monica Day, Joshua Boswell, and Ed Gandia; executive publisher Sandy Franks from Agora’s Taipan Group; and AWAI’s own Rebecca Matter – AWAI Vice President and resident marketing genius.

The point they drove home is this: If you want to earn more than just a “good” living as a copywriter … you’ve got to set your sights on becoming more than just a copywriter. You need to become a rainmaker – someone who knows how to explode a company’s sales and profits.

When you add solid marketing skills to your copywriting talents, it’s like slipping into a Formula 1 race car, kicking it into high gear and ripping through the track at breakneck speed. It puts you in the express lane to building lasting wealth.

It’s exactly how Michael Masterson built his wealth and became a multi-millionaire in less than seven years. It’s also how top copywriters like Paul Hollingshead, Don Mahoney, and Clayton Makepeace have earned millions of dollars over the course of their careers.

And as both Sandy Franks and Rebecca Matter pointed out … from a marketer’s standpoint, a copywriter who knows marketing is very valuable. They will gladly give steady work to someone who “gets it” – someone who understands the marketing process and can contribute different ideas on marketing strategy.

As Joshua Boswell said to the group, “Copywriting doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Copywriting is only one part of a large effort to build a business by increasing sales. By understanding marketing as a whole, you can write better and give better insights to your clients. Plus, you’ll start spotting opportunities your clients are missing out on to make more sales. Remember, when you make your clients more money, you’ll make more money.”

So how do you gain these marketing skills?

  • Study everything you can on the subject of marketing in general. This means reading books by Dan Kennedy, Bob Bly, Perry Marshall, Bob Stone, and Michael Masterson, to name a few. There is also a wealth of marketing knowledge to be gained for free by reading e-letters like Early to Rise and The Golden Thread.
  • Network. In addition to studying, meet people in the industry. Go to seminars and networking events. Join your local Direct Marketing Association (DMA) chapter and get to know the people there. Talk to everyone. Eventually you’ll get to know list brokers, SEO specialists, PPC experts, product managers, etc. Find out what they do and how they do it. Not only will you gain a friend, you’ll gain valuable first-hand marketing knowledge.
  • Start your own part-time info-marketing business. Everyone on the panel encourages this one. The best way to learn marketing is by practicing it day in and day out … and what better way than starting your own part-time info-marketing business? It’s without a doubt the quickest, most powerful way to gain a deep understanding of marketing, while getting paid to do it. And the pay-off can be huge: Bob Bly started his own info-marketing business less than two years ago and now has a “hands-free” income stream of $250,000 per year.

Bottom line … if you’re not already learning marketing, what are you waiting for?!

Get started today. Get a book by any one of the authors listed above. Join the DMA.

And if you’re truly committed to your success … start your own info-marketing business.

Not only will it give you the critical marketing skills you’ll need to significantly boost your income on the copywriting end, it’ll also hand you a steady, relatively “hands-free,” consistent, monthly income stream that will hold you over if there’s ever a slow down in your copywriting business.

Later this afternoon, Bob Bly will reveal in great detail how he started his own info-marketing business and show us how to do it, step-by-step.

But don’t worry if you couldn’t make it to Bootcamp this year …

In the 2008 “Bootcamp-in-Your-Home” Complete Program”, you’ll get to watch Bob in the comfort of your own home, while he hands you his personal blueprint to creating a part-time info-marketing business that can hand you profits of up to $10,000 a month or more!

This is information you won’t find anywhere else … not in any course, ebook, or seminar. (And according to Bob, he’s done with doing live presentations. This is his last one, and he’s vowed to go out with a BANG!)

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Published: November 13, 2008

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