New Career Opportunity from American Writers & Artists Institute Helps Entrepreneurs Wanting to Make Money on the Web

Top web-copy consultant to Yahoo!®, Microsoft®, and Disney® reveals
Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting

[Ed. Note: This product has been updated and is now called Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts]

Delray Beach, FL – November 24, 2008 – Want to learn how to make money on the Web, as well as boost conversion rates, online sales and trust from customers and subscribers? Check out Nick Usborne’s new program, “Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting,” published by American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI),

After spending 25 years in the marketing trenches, 11 of them exclusively dedicated to online copywriting, Nick Usborne has helped major companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Disney, Citibank, AOL, The New York Times, Apple, and others significantly increase sales.

And for the first time, he is sharing his secrets and step-by-step process for producing blockbuster Web copy in AWAI’s new, home-study program, “Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting.”

Written in a simple, user-friendly way without technical jargon, learn:

  • How to make money on the Web as an online copywriter with Nick’s proven process;
  • The single most important question to ask before writing any online copy;
  • The biggest online mistake most copywriters make and how to avoid it;
  • What every page on a website must do, in two seconds or less;
  • And much more!

“The need for online copywriters is increasing, even with the economic downturn,” says Rebecca Matter, AWAI Co-Managing Partner. “And since writing copy for the Web is different from writing copy for offline efforts, we saw a significant need for Nick’s expertise with this program. Now, people can learn the online copywriting skills necessary to be financially independent, work from home and help clients make money on the Web.”

Usborne charges thousands of dollars for his expertise. But he is sharing “Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting” in his program with AWAI for only $497.00. Buyers of the home-study program also receive Usborne’s e-book, “Writing Rituals,” at no additional cost. Here, he shares his simple, step-by-step process for writing more copy in less time. And as always, AWAI offers a 100%, no-risk guarantee on the program.

"The demand for professional online copywriting is growing exponentially. Of the hundreds of thousands of businesses online, large and small, most either need new pages to be written, or existing pages improved,” says Usborne. “The problem these companies face is a severe shortage of supply in qualified online copywriters. There are plenty of copywriters who can apply their offline copywriting expertise and write a single page sales letter online. But that's not where the greatest demand is. The greatest demand lies with companies who have whole sites that need writing or rewriting. Sometimes dozens of pages are involved. Not to mention all the emails and e-newsletters they need written. The opportunity right now lies with copywriters who can respond to a request for ten web pages, a series of six emails and an outline for a new e-newsletter and say, "Yes, I can help you with that."

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Published: November 24, 2008