Thought Showers Are for Ninnies! – Rile Up Your Prospect’s Emotions and Ramp Up Your Selling Power With Choice Words

I couldn’t stop shaking my head in disbelief. In fact, it agitated me so much, I can’t even remember where I found it. But here’s the short version …

An article I was reading mentioned a mom who objects to the term “brainstorm.” Wishing to shield her daughter from the ravages of a “brainstorm” and the word’s violent connotation, she insists on using the term “thought shower” instead.

Now, while this is probably a political correctness issue, here’s what struck me: Words have an amazing power to stir your emotions, and ultimately move you to action.

In the case of the article I was reading, the word “brainstorm” triggered an image so violent in the mom – along with the emotion of fear – that it compelled her to action. That action being to always substitute the term “thought shower” for “brainstorm” when speaking to her daughter, and to ensure that others do the same.

If you write to your prospect using lifeless or emotionally “neutral” words, chances are you’ll lose him. But include a few emotionally charged word choices here and there that help paint a vivid picture in your prospect’s mind, and the sky’s the limit.

This is no secret to top copywriters.

Million-dollar copywriter and marketing genius Clayton Makepeace is an absolute master at this, and does it in every one of his promotions. So do “A”-list copywriters Carline Anglade-Cole and John Carlton.

The reason this works is because emotionally charged words get your prospect’s blood pressure rising (in a good way). It pulls him out of complacency and gets him into your world. And once you’ve done that, guiding him all the way to the sale is easy as pie.

For example, read the following passage and pay attention to the images that come to mind and the emotions you feel:

A recession is upon us. In the coming months, a big market crash is going to take Wall Street by surprise. And investors will lose a large percentage of their net worth, as the largest market drop in history will put the entire financial world on edge.

That’s why I’d like to send you this FREE report, ‘How to Avoid Losing Your Assets in the Coming Crash.’ In it you’ll learn simple, practical steps you can put to use starting today to hold on to your money, along with my system to growing your profits (up to 432%) despite the market’s fluctuations.

Now, read a revision of the same passage, which includes more emotionally charged words, and see how you feel:

A financial Armageddon is upon us. In the coming months, the most devastating market crash is going to ROCK Wall Street. And investors will lose their shirts, as the biggest bloodletting in stocks of all time shakes the financial world down to its core.

That’s why I’d like to send you your FREE report, ‘How to Shield Your Wealth Against the Coming Financial Armageddon.’ In it, you’ll discover a shockingly simple blueprint to protecting your hard-earned money, along with my proven system to racking up profits of up to 432%, despite Wall Street’s rollercoaster ride.

The second passage really makes you feel the fear of the coming stock market crash. Because of that feeling of fear, you’re more inclined to act on my offer.

So what made the difference between the first and second passage? Verbs. And that’s exactly how you’ll go about turning your copy into an emotionally charged powerhouse.

As you read your copy, look for weak verbs and replace them with more active ones. Especially those that convey a vivid mental picture, like “shake,” “rattle,” or “plummet.”

To help you get started, I’ve created a short list of some limp, lifeless words along with their emotionally powerful substitutes:

Limp, Ineffective Word Emotionally Powerful Substitute
Drop Plummet, Crash, Crater, Nose-Dive
Learn Discover, Uncover
Show Reveal, Expose
Increase Ramp up, Pump up, Rack up, Pile up, Explode
Surprise Shock
Impress Amaze, Astonish
Get Soak up
Disagree Howl, Scorn, Scowl
Disappear Vanish
Erase Zap
Remove Rip
Lower Slice
Improve Skyrocket, Boost
Slow down Crawl, Sloth-like
Go fast Blistering pace, Speed
Cause Trigger
Eliminate Knock out, Flatten, Decimate
Reduce Burn, Melt, Shred, Blowtorch, Shave
Impress Wow, Awe

A great tool to have by your side is a thesaurus. Whenever you come across a verb or adjective you think could be improved, look it up and see what alternatives there are.

And as always, one of the best sources for finding powerful words, phrases and transitions is a good swipe file. Go through controls and notice the word choices the copywriter used. Write them down on an index card or create a spreadsheet on your computer, and keep them handy.

Follow this advice and I’m sure your next promo will explode your client’s response – triggering a flood of new copywriting income and client referrals.

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Published: November 3, 2008

3 Responses to “Thought Showers Are for Ninnies! – Rile Up Your Prospect’s Emotions and Ramp Up Your Selling Power With Choice Words”

  1. Flash words...Eat This, Not That popular diet book...Rubio's word hit list, pumps my brain. Less is more, rapid release words, thought pictures flash...internet's created quick demand, constant update words.Telegrams, posters internet ads...print, expensive.Web Marketing, prime, beyond fast words, graphics priority. Still, the too hot to handle words, I'll check more AWAI articles.

    JMStuart--Write2011December 27, 2011 at 9:39 am

  2. I am underwhelmed by the words "thought showers." This mother obviously doesn't do any brainstorming. In itself, it is an EMOTIONAL action, AN ACTION OF THE HEART AND MIND, combined with EXPERIENCE. There is nothing "showery or flowery" about it!
    I LOVE brainstorming!

    Guest (Cynthia)March 18, 2014 at 1:54 pm

  3. It's like saying a chance of thinking to occur,-thought showers,but for a bumper crop you need the works-lightning,thunder,a heavy downpour. It takes zeal for the brain to work. Showers are good,but storms move us to act. Keeping it real.

    clrMarch 21, 2014 at 6:20 pm

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