Write Copy … Make a Living.
Leverage Those Copy Skills …
Make a Fortune.

Over $300,000!

That’s how much AWAI member Joshua Boswell is on track to make in 2008.

Even more impressive … he still has more than enough time to spend with his wife and eight (soon to be nine!) children.

How on earth does he do it?

He leverages his skills.

Instead of just writing a sales letter for a client, Joshua takes a step back and looks at the client’s entire marketing strategy and business as a whole.

For example, say a client hires Joshua to write a sales letter. He researches everything he can about the client … their website, competitors, and target market. Once he’s done this, he can usually spot a few ways the client is leaving money on the table.

From there, he simply let’s the client know what he’s discovered. He tells them he will gladly provide a solution for them, in exchange for a flat fee and percentage of profits that his marketing plan produces.

So instead of getting a small $2,000 or $3,000 fee to write a simple sales letter, Joshua ends up with $20,000 to $60,000 worth of ongoing work and royalties! Best of all, it’s “win, win.” The client is thrilled with the huge increase in sales. Joshua ends up with a much bigger paycheck than what he would have originally started out with.

And here’s a little secret …

Adding these extra “services” doesn’t take much time to complete. Since you’re already writing a sales letter (or any other type of marketing piece) for your client, you’re doing most of the research required anyways.

Simply put, Joshua’s success comes from leveraging his skills and offering a complete package of services to his clients. And according to Joshua, here’s how you can do the same:

  1. Get “first-class” training. This is paramount. You’ve got to pony up and make the investment in educating yourself in more than just copywriting. For Joshua, this meant spending about $50,000 to learn about direct marketing, pay-per-click, writing for the web, and how to write emails that bring in a rush of orders. But the return on his investment isn’t too shabby. He’s earned approximately $600,000 since he began his copywriting journey with AWAI in 2005!

    Now, you don’t have to spend anywhere near as much as Joshua has. Just realize that every dollar you invest in yourself is ultimately going to reap huge rewards. According to Joshua, “Investing in yourself makes you first class. Usually, you’re learning from guys in the trenches, not from theories that haven’t been proven. And here’s the thing … with most guys at these companies you’re going to write for, their education only goes as far as their MBAs or their corporate experience … making you incredibly valuable.”

  2. Think of yourself as your client’s business partner. No matter what kind of project a client wants to hire you for, pretend you’re the client’s business partner. Get a good understanding of his business … how it works, what competitors he has, how he gets customers, etc. This mindset will allow you to see hidden profit opportunities for both you and your client.

    For instance, a company based in the Netherlands hired Joshua to take their current web content and “Americanize” it. Even though he speaks Dutch, Joshua knew he could help this particular client beyond just that. He found different ways his client could profit from the “Americanization” of their website and told them so. The client loved the ideas and agreed to give Joshua a percentage of profits. In the end, both Joshua and his client made a heck of a lot more money than they would have if Joshua had just re-written the client’s web content.

  3. Push past any fears. When Joshua first started contacting potential clients and quoting them prices, he was terrified. But he pushed through the fear, and it paid off. If you’re afraid of contacting clients and letting them know how much you can help them profit, realize that because of your training, you’re incredibly valuable. So valuable in fact, it’s almost as if you’re doing potential clients a favor by offering them your services. They need you. And even if you have no previous experience, know that your training is coming from experts who are in the trenches and basing their teachings on what works in the marketplace. And when you talk to clients, be confident in your knowledge and share your ideas and knowledge freely. Doing this will position you as a true expert in your client’s eyes.

So, to sum up … invest in yourself and take action. Become more than just a copywriter who writes a sales letter and moves on. Look to see how many other ways you can make your client more money, and you’ll be richly rewarded.

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Published: December 12, 2008

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