Inside the 2009 Web Copywriting Intensive … Featuring Matt Furey, the “World’s Greatest Email Copywriter”

I figured out why some people don’t like Matt Furey … why others absolutely love him … and why you should pay attention to him, no matter how you feel about him.

He thinks big. And he’s fearless. He actually wants people to react negatively to what he writes! That’s how he knows they’re paying attention.

And after sitting through his session today, I not only like him – I respect him. I’m more likely than ever to take his advice, and I’m hoping you do the same. Because I think it could make the difference between squeaking out a couple thousand dollars a month … and earning five figures a month.

Let me give you a few of the points from Matt’s presentation today. His focus was on email marketing, but I think you can apply these techniques to any form of writing. I’ll warn you, they seem so simple, you’ll be inclined to dismiss them as too simple to be true. Don’t. Try them, you’ll see. It’s transformational stuff …

1. When you write – write. No distractions allowed.

We were actually able to witness the power of this one right in the room. Matt had us focus our energy and attention, breathe – and then write. In a room so quiet you could hear the breath and sniffle of the person furthest from you, we wrote.

Every single one of us was amazed at what we were able to write in just 15 minutes.

No, it wasn’t polished and perfect copy. But for many, it was the most emotional, relevant and compelling copy they’d ever written.

How did he do it?

He set a tone and an intention before we wrote. And then provided a distraction-free environment. Voila! That simple.

The hard part, of course, is creating this environment for yourself when you’re at home. The next tip might help …

2. Talk-write-write-talk.

You should write how you talk – and talk how you write. There’s no distinction. This is how your “voice” comes through. And how you know it can be easily understood by your reader.

Sure, you might already know this. But can you put it to work for you at the drop of a hat?

This is one of Matt’s signature skills. He actually stands and dictates an email right in front of the room. And he can do it with anything you throw him. A snippet of video from YouTube. A headline in the news. A story that someone tells him over the break.

You can too. Try it now. Here are some of the starter lines we used …

“When I was a little girl/boy … ”

“The most valuable thing I learned … ”

Start with one of these or make up one of your own – and just start talking out loud. Write exactly what comes out of your mouth. You’ll see for yourself. It’s deceivingly simple – but something magical happens to your copy.

3. Stories are the way people learn.

The best way to engage people in your copy – and build your relationship with them – is to tell them a story. This is particularly effective in email marketing. But Furey gives one wrinkle …

You can’t just give details of the story – you have to tell it so the reader can FEEL it! Which usually means you have to be feeling it when you’re writing so the emotion comes through your copy.

It also often means revealing yourself … being vulnerable on the page. Maybe even sharing things about yourself you consider private or sensitive.

“Nothing bad ever happens to a writer. Everything that happens to a writer is material – that you put forth to be fruitful and multiply,” said Furey.

There’s a lot more to come – I’m running to lunch now so I can be back on time to hear Andrew Palmer. His topic is a complete mystery to me – and is one of the primary reasons I came. Pay-per-click advertising. I’ve heard good, bad, and confusing things about it – and can’t wait to hear the truth from someone who has used PPC advertising to build multi-million dollar companies. I’m in!

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Published: February 17, 2009

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