Make Money Online … in Your Spare Time

How could a second revenue stream help you right now?

You can easily create one in your spare time, using AWAI’s newest program, How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites, written by Nick Usborne.

I rang up Nick recently and asked him to answer some of the questions we’ve been getting from members …

Rebecca: Ok, first let’s get started with the obvious question. Who should buy this program?

Nick: That’s an interesting question! My first thought when writing this program was that it’s great for people who are approaching retirement, or who are already retired and are looking for ways to supplement their income. But then I thought having some extra income is a great thing for people of any age. For instance, if you’re going to college, which would you rather do to make ends meet – deliver pizzas or make money with your own website? Or maybe you want to save for the down payment on a car or a home. Or maybe you’re in your 30s and already thinking about your kids’ college funds. Whatever your age or circumstances, creating a source of extra income that keeps on paying you passive income, month after month and year after year will always be a good thing.

Rebecca: You’ve told me that now is the time for this program. Why now?

Nick: For two reasons, both of them related to the down economy. First, even if you still have your job right now, doesn’t it make sense to create your own “Plan B” and create a certain source of income you can truly rely on? Your company can let you go, but your money-making website will always be loyal, will always be there, and will always pay you money … whatever the state of the economy. Second, who wants to trust their money to investments these days? Instead of investing money in retirement funds, why not invest some of your time on writing a money-making website? Last year my retirement savings shrank by over 19%. The income from my weekend websites rose by 116%.

Rebecca: What about those of us who still have a full-time j-o-b. Can we really do this while working a full-time job?

Nick: Sure you can. I work full-time as a freelancer, author, and consultant, and I work more than eight hours a day at that. My own money-making websites have just been a hobby for me. I just put in some time in the evening and on weekends. And not every evening and every weekend either. Only when I have the time.

Rebecca: Do I need to have copywriting skills to be successful?

Nick: Absolutely not. This is one of those writing things where you simply have to be able to write. Imagine you have a talent for growing roses, and your neighbor asks you to write down some tips to help her grow some beautiful roses too. If you can write those tips for a friend or neighbor, then you have the writing skills you need to write your own money-making website. No selling. No persuading. Just writing with clarity and enthusiasm.

That being said, understanding good copy can only help your website convert more visitors … so if you can write copy, you’ll have an even better chance at making more money.

Rebecca: Building a website sounds scary. Do I need a technical background?

Nick: No, you don’t. There are plenty of website hosting services that allow you to build a website with the same skills you already use when writing a document in Microsoft Word or any other word processing program. And I’ll help you find the easiest way that works for you.

Rebecca: But will I need to hire a webmaster or web programmer?

Nick: No. Absolutely not. The only person you might want to hire, just once, is a designer to create a classy logo and header for your website. And even that’s not necessary.

Rebecca: OK, so I’ve decided to give this a go. How will I know what topic to pick?

Nick: That’s covered at length in the program. You’ll be walked through the process to ensure you pick the exact right niche topic, by determining if it has the right mix of demand and interest for you to create a solid monthly income.

That way you’ll know right from the start that you’re on the right track.

Rebecca: You say to write my website on something I’m passionate about. Can I really write on ANY topic?

Nick: You can, but this program will steer you toward niches that have the best potential to attract plenty of traffic and make you some good money. That being said, most areas of interest have a niche or slant you can address which will work well. For instance, if you love horses, a site about your love for horses might not do well. But if you zoom in on a tighter niche, like nutrition for horses, then you will probably do better. The program will explain this to you in great detail and make sure you can match your interests with a truly profitable niche.

Rebecca: How much time should I expect to put into my website before I can launch it?

Nick: Much of the time is spent on preparation. In fact, the more time you spend on research and preparation BEFORE you even start writing your site’s pages, the higher the likelihood you will succeed. How long this takes will depend on the amount of time you have available. If you work at it full-time, you could have your first few pages up within a week.

Rebecca: How much time will I need to devote each week to my website?

Nick: Again, that depends on how ambitious you are. During the early stages of building a new website, I might spend 10 or 15 hours a week on creating new content and promoting the site. Once the site has 50 or so pages, I slow down a bit. For my sites that are well established, I’ll spend maybe two or three hours a week.

Rebecca: How long will it take me to start making money?

Nick: This depends on a lot of factors. You can START making money within a couple of weeks. But it probably won’t be much.

There is a key point to understand here. This model is NOT about getting rich QUICK. It’s a steady, sure, and reliable way to make increasing amounts of money over the course of months and years.

Don’t rush it. Don’t be impatient for the big bucks. The people who do best with this income model are the people who are very patient and very stubborn.

Rebecca: How much money can I really expect to make?

Nick: Again, this depends on many factors. I make an average of about $4,000 a month on my part-time coffee site. I know people with sites like mine who make only $500 a month. I also know others who make more than 10 times what I make, all using the same approach and model.

As a rule of thumb, if you have chosen your niche carefully and write plenty of high-quality content … the more time you put into the site, the more you will make.

Rebecca: Will I have to sell advertising space on my site?

Nick: No. I realize a lot of people don’t like to sell, and they worry about having to identify possible advertisers and then contact them and pitch their website.

With this model, it doesn’t work that way. You never have to do any selling.

To place contextual ads on your site, all you need to do is sign up with Google AdSense and place code on your site pages. To get started as an affiliate, you simply go to the company’s affiliate page and sign up. You are then provided with links, banners, and other promotional graphics you can add to your site pages. You can also find affiliates through affiliate networks, like Commission Junction. Most of the time, approval is automatic. Sometimes the company will want to take a look at your website first.

Placing contextual ads and affiliate links on your site are not the only ways to make money, but they are the two easiest ways. Neither approach requires any selling on your part.

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Published: March 11, 2009

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