May 2009

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Meet the New Breed of Online Buyer

John Torre shares the single most important element that’s common with all web copywriting opportunities.

Add Social Media to Your Marketing Toolbox

Robert Nomura explains two reasons why you should add social media to your marketing toolbox.

Know When to Quit

Sometimes it takes two fools to have a conversation...

Win That Web Project By Properly Answering Your Prospective Client’s Questions

There’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared for a prospective client’s questions during a phone conversation about a possible project. Pam Foster offers five of the most common questions a prospect may ask you, along with ideas on how to answer them in a manner that puts you in control of the situation.

Spend the Extra Money From Your Spare-Time Business Wisely and Start Building Real Wealth

Your spare-time business can help you build a nice cash flow and, therefore, increase your financial independence. It can also get you started on the path to building real wealth. Rebecca Matter shows how spending your extra income wisely can help you achieve your financial goals more quickly.

Prove It! – 5 “Quick ‘n’ Easy” Tools for Painless Research

Guillermo Rubio offers five quick and easy research tools you can use to provide proof and make your copy rock-solid, even against the most skeptical eye.

Unschedule Your Way To Greater Productivity

The Unschedule might be just the thing you need to become a more productive copywriter. Keep reading to find out...

AWAI Writing Challenge: What’s Your Best Productivity Tip?

Enter this week’s AWAI Writing Challenge by telling us about your best productivity tip. One winner will receive a gift certificate and have his or her essay published on the AWAI website.

Job Opportunities … Fastest-Growing Blog Community on the Internet Seeks Freelance Bloggers

Earn full-time money for part-time work as a freelance blogger for, the fastest-growing blog community on the Internet.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: The Perks and Benefits of Living the “Writer’s Life” Merely Scratch the Surface of What It’s Really All About

AWAI Member John Torre explains what living “the writer’s life” means to him.

Congratulations … Former Corporate Sales Trainer Is the Latest Addition to AWAI’s “Wall of Fame”

Congratulations to Tom Kavala, the latest addition to AWAI’s Wall of Fame, who launched a successful freelance copywriting and consulting career while still working full-time as a corporate sales trainer.

There Is No Final Draft When You Write a Web Page

Nick Usborne gives you another reason to be thankful you’re a web writer and the opportunity to expand on every new project.

5 Finalists Named in the “Great AWAI Blog-Off” Competition

Voting is now underway for the 5 finalists in the “Great AWAI Blog-Off” Competition.

When Writing Your Money-Making Website, Don’t Forget to Watch for Seasonal Keywords

Whether you’ve started writing your own money-making website, or you’re doing search engine optimization for a web-writing project, Nick Usborne has a quick tip that you’ll find useful.

Feel Better About Achieving Your Goals

A way to approach goals that may be different than anything you've ever heard before.

Ramblings of an Emerging Copywriter

Ann Jordan-Mills explains the power of the blog and how her blog will give an opportunity to help new and experienced copywriters with their web writing.

Don’t Miss the Point – Blog to Build a Community

Isabel Viana reveals her personal experience with blogging and how she had to overcome her fears to get started.

Let’s You and I Take a Journey

John Torre reveals what it takes to succeed as an online copywriter and what you can expect from his future blog posts.

Vote Robert Nomura for AWAI Blogger

Robert Nomura explains how the internet is constantly changing and what this means for you if you’re an online copywriter.

5 Worst Blogging Mistakes for the New Copywriter

Sid Smith reveals the five worst blogging mistakes for a new copywriter and a few hints on how to develop a blog following and properly build your blog platform.

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