Let’s You and I Take a Journey

Welcome to the Wealthy Web Writer blog. My name is John Torre and I have a proposition for you:

Let’s you and I take a journey.

Not in the traditional sense, of course. Instead, let’s journey into who we are as writers.

Along the way we’ll nit pick our ambition, test our determination, unleash our passions, and tap the depths of our emotion … all things that a top copywriter needs to be able to draw upon in order to succeed.

And in the process we’ll try and answer that age-old question …

“Why the heck are we here?”

‘Heavy stuff,’ you say?

Well, it might be if I were talking in the philosophical sense. (Although, who knows … that may eventually work its way into the conversation too. Stay tuned!)

But for now, let’s leave the “mystery of mankind” stuff to the gurus that get off on that kind of thing. Instead, let’s focus on why we’re really here, which is …

 … Making money online as a working copywriter.

There’s a ton of lucrative opportunities out there for qualified Internet copywriters. And if you happen to be a member of AWAI (and if you’re not … what are you waiting for?), then I’m sure you know they offer a treasure trove of great writing programs and their online forum, DirectResponseJobs.com, is a great resource for picking up freelance writing gigs.

So the question becomes: With these great tools there for the taking, and with all else being equal, what’s standing between you and the guy or gal that’s actually making that elusive six-figure income we’ve heard so much about?

Or as the Cowardly Lion said in the Wizard of Oz, “What have they got that I ain't got?”

Is it courage? Well, it could be, I suppose. That’s what we’re here to talk about, my entrepreneurial-minded friend.

You see the lessons I intend for us to learn together are as much a study in human nature as they are studies in furthering your copywriting career.

And honestly, while you can make progress in interpersonal skills without progressing as a copywriter, the same can’t be said in reverse.

Ambition … determination … passion … emotion.

These are the intangible weapons every writer needs in his or her arsenal. Indeed, they are the essence of who you are, and every bit as important as the “nuts-and-bolts” plan of action you find detailed in each and every writing course.

Granted, we all want to make a lot of money writing for the Web, and that’s great. But writing simply for the sake of making money isn’t enough of a motivation.

Well, not enough to be one of the very best copywriters out there, anyway.

To succeed at that level, your core desires and emotions have to come from a deeper place within you or you’ll be eaten alive by other writers that have already found that “place” within themselves—and in others—from which they compel their readers.

And here’s the thing … (there’s always a “thing,” isn’t there?)

Sometimes it’s figuring out what your prospects really want … and sometimes it’s figuring out what YOU really want.

And “there lies the rub,” as they say.

So as we go forward here, I’ll be primarily looking to present something to you each week that’s a little off the beaten path.

Something a little different than perhaps what you’re used to.

Sure, we’ll talk about the “do’s and don’ts” of what makes or breaks a good Web-writing assignment, but more often than not it’ll focus on the human nature side of things … what makes us tick first as people, then as writers … and how the two are joined at the hip.

Indeed, one week’s topic may help you better understand your prospects while the next week may help you better understand yourself.

And really, to attain true success, both must be mastered.

But no matter what topic we cover, I promise you this: It’ll always relate back to how it can make you a better Web copywriter.

Should be interesting.

So for now, I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my personal heroes, Walt Disney. (A man we’ll be talking a lot more about in the coming weeks!)

In speaking about money, “Uncle Walt” said:

“All I know about money is that I have to have it to do things. I neither wish nor intend to amass a personal fortune. Money may worry me, but it does not excite me. Ideas excite me.”

What excites you?

Figure that out, my friend, and it will lead to the money. Guaranteed.

We’ll talk about it.

See ya next week …

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Published: May 6, 2009

3 Responses to “Let’s You and I Take a Journey”

  1. Love the quote from Uncle Walt, but I really don't want to take instruction from someone who doesn't write grammatically correctly. Silly me.

    Susanna Perkins

  2. I'm digging the self-reflection and style of your writing. It's smart, concise and clear.

    I'm looking forward to a more focused article from you next time. You've picked some good and relevant topics to talk about in future posts, so I'm sure you'll have a lot to say.



  3. John... let's take that journey. Nice blog.

    John Wiggill

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