Ramblings of an Emerging Copywriter

Calling all fellow copywriters … we need your help.

Here is my post for AWAI’s “Blog-Off” for your consideration; it is addressed to all copywriters: new, experienced, on-the-way, and especially those who are interested in pursuing web writing.

  • New copywriters, because we all have questions – seems like a hundred questions – and we need our answers right now.
  • Experienced copywriters, because you are the people who can answer those questions.
  • And “on-the-way” copywriters, because you can share your recent experiences … yet you probably still have questions.

That’s the power of the blog – the conversations, and the quick and easy sharing of knowledge. In my weekly blog, should my entry be chosen, you’ll ask questions, answer questions, and share your experiences through your comments and contributions – and it will be focused on web-related writing and strategies. This is our blog, let’s seize the opportunity to share and learn from each other.

I am a new copywriter and, like many others, I am immersed in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. I am working carefully and diligently through my sessions because I’m told, I read, and I also believe, that top-quality copywriting enhances every niche and topic that we might investigate, and ultimately perhaps choose, for our focus and specialization.

So why do we need help? Why do I need help? Here’s why …

I have been researching and gathering information by following almost every link, signing up for almost every newsletter, reading almost every article, and considering (and sometimes signing up for) almost every offer. Until an hour or so ago, I was suffering from what master copywriter Robert Bly calls “analysis paralysis”.

Does this sound familiar? If I were a gambler, I would be willing to bet that there are many other fledgling copywriters with the same issue, and I would also bet that lots of writers learned how to overcome this syndrome on their way up.

  • When do we stop collecting it all?
  • When do we stop reading it all?
  • How do we decide what’s valuable and what isn’t?

“Take action” is what we are told – 6 little letters A-C-T-I-O-N. Help! What kind of ACTION?

Taking meaningful action isn’t always so easy; taking random action is. How do we control that trigger-finger? You know, the one that keeps clicking the links: “sign up here”, “order now”, “enter to find out”, click here for updates” …

Here’s where the wisdom and experience of you seasoned copywriters comes in – would you help us? Would you give us advice and hints and tell us just how you overcame this need to “gather-it-all”. Your articles are part of everything that we read, but are we taking your advice? Maybe not always. Perhaps we can use this blog so that we can immediately and appropriately apply the advice from your posts, answers, and articles, to our practice. Maybe you can help us to control our time-management issues by sharing your strategies about how to be more selective in our choices. There are so many ways that we can all benefit by sharing through this emerging dialogue.

New copywriters and web writers, do you have the same problem as I do? If you had the opportunity, what would be your most burning question for a seasoned writer?

Here is your chance to have a conversation with people who, I’m sure, have experienced the same as we are experiencing right now. Maybe tight discipline comes naturally to you practicing copywriters; or did you experience the same analysis paralysis syndrome in your early writing days? Maybe you had to learn the hard way, just like we are now.

So, new writers, if you are experiencing these barriers to action, I invite you to respond to this blog. Ask your most burning question of those who have been here before you; share your experiences – successes and struggles. We’ll choose topics, find answers and make this the place to be every week.

I mentioned that I was paralyzed until an hour or so ago. Well, in preparing to write this blog post, something I read triggered a creative moment and I wrote an e/mail proposal – to a local business in our small town – to start a blog from their website.

That’s the kind of trigger we need – one that triggers A-C-T-I-O-N … not a “trigger finger”.

But it doesn’t answer my 99 other questions.

Over to you …

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Published: May 6, 2009

7 Responses to “Ramblings of an Emerging Copywriter”

  1. I like your expression Ann, your point-of-view was straight forward and understood. Hey, I guess I have to work on my trigger finger - i just clicked on the 'purple' link that says "Learn How to market on the Web", or do I just love good copy??? Someone HELP me!!

    Donald C Obii

  2. I like that you're courageous enough to go for it even though you don't have the experience yet.

    The only problem with that is I don't want to read "ramblings" that are untested and could possibly lead me (and other readers) astray.

    Harness your USP, which is your bend for action. You're more willing to make a move, even if it's the wrong one, than you are to sit, do nothing and stay safe.

    I love that! And I believe that's the way to becoming successful at anything.

    I hope to see some more confidence in your future posts and I look forward to reading you.



  3. I read master copywriter Robert Bly's interpetation of “analysis paralysis”, too; and have started deleting any newsletters not directly related to writing Interent or Sales Copy Letters.
    It's wonderful and must really feel great to have already posted your work out there, successfully.
    I am brand new and look forward to a future of writers success through the help of AWAI.


  4. Ann,

    Your dilemma of over-consumption has captured my problem precisely. I'll look forward to your blogs to learn how to resolve it. I'm sure the problem is as widespread as you think. Thank you for your straightforward approach.


  5. Ann, Thank you. I'm brand new to starting a career in writing and have been agonizing over launching my website. Writing, changing, rewriting and second guessing has been my full time job for the past two months. When I read you blog and saw the term "analysis paralysis", BINGO! I said, that's me. Yesterday I launched my website. It may stink, but it's out there and you gave me the reality check I needed. Thanks.

    David N

  6. Ann... I see your point as extremely valid for this forum. I just wonder why anyone who is already accomplished or successful would be reading these blogs and wasting their time teaching us? I would say discussing our fears, challenges and successes are very relevant to us "new" writers. Good Job.

    John Wiggill

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