There May Never Be a Better Time to Start Your Own Resume-Writing “Calling”

Picture this: You have two kids in diapers, another one on the way, and you’ve just lost your job. Now what? Talk about stress!

There are few things more vital to a person’s well-being than whatever it is they do for a living. Lose your livelihood, and you have a major crisis on your hands.

Just like any other emergency responder – policeman, fireman, EMT, or trauma surgeon – the resume writer is there to stop the bleeding. Your client is hemorrhaging money and self-respect. Prolonged unemployment has driven people to bankruptcy … divorce … addiction … and even worse.

I remember one client calling me up just to thank me for helping him secure a position.

After pausing a minute, he said, “You know, when I called you, I was really at the end of my rope. I don’t even want to tell you how desperate I had become.”

Thank God I was there to answer the phone.

What’s involved with running a resume business?

I have some good news and some bad news for you.

First, the bad news …

In addition to producing superior resumes and other job-search tools, there are some other things you absolutely have to do to operate a successful resume-writing business – like get clients.

You have to promote your business, advertise, network, set up a website, follow leads, and become a recognized expert.

You’ll have to keep records and files, manage your business accounts, and get any licenses or permits that may be required.

All of this takes some skill. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that it’s a skill that can be learned. Which brings us to the burning question …

Can you really become a successful resume writer simply by following a proven program?

The quick answer is yes – if, and only if, you follow the right program. Here’s what I mean …

You only know what you know. You only know what you’ve been taught. And you can’t teach something you don’t know.

I wish I had a dollar for every drop of ink spilled by people telling you how to write resumes … how to run a resume business … and how to expand your resume business. Why, you can even download templates that practically write the resumes for you.

I don’t want to knock anybody else’s product, but a lot of these aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

If you’re going to take a course on resume writing, take it from somebody who makes a fortune writing resumes – not from somebody who makes his money writing books about how to write resumes.

Sir Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”

The only reason I have a copywriting and resume business today is because I haven’t had an original thought in my head since I got into this writing thing. Everything I know about this business I’ve learned from somebody else.

That’s what I like about AWAI’s Pro Resume Writer Program, written by Julien Sharp. Julien is a very successful resume writer. She walks the walk.

By plugging into AWAI’s program, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Just do what they tell you to do. Do it to the best of your ability, and your success is assured.

‘Nuff said.

How much can a freelance resume writer earn by working from home?

How high can you count? I personally know resume experts who earn over $200,000 per year.

Once you develop your skills, you can leverage your time and make more money by writing and marketing information products for job seekers … by managing direct-mail job campaigns for senior executives … by developing job-search databases for executive clients … the list goes on and on. There is no limit to what you can accomplish, if you’re willing to work at it.

Is this still a viable opportunity even in today’s economy?

Good times, bad times, rag times. No matter what the economy does, the resume writer will always thrive. In fact, the worse the economy gets, the more money resume writers make.

When unemployment is high, people tend to assume that jobs are scarce. On the surface, this may seem to make sense. Actually, nothing is further from the truth.

The market for professional, managerial, and executive jobs depends mostly on turnover. Annual national turnover in corporations is approximately 25%.

Every year, millions of professionals, managers, and executives change positions … and, in 90% of the cases, their employers look for replacements.

The market is bolstered by the fact that employers are always phasing out old jobs and considering new ones, as well as replacing executives who have retired.

A third significant source of management jobs stems from business expansion, new businesses, and new industries.

During a severe recession, the available positions from this latter source are quick to dry up. However, the basic market for management jobs – the part sustained by turnover – will always provide a substantial market.

During times of high unemployment, with so much managerial talent actually looking, the resume writer is confronted with an embarrassment of riches. He can often cherry-pick his clients, earning higher fees for executive resumes.

What kind of qualifications do you need to be a resume writer?

There really are no minimum qualifications. All you need is an abiding interest in people, a desire to help them, the ability to set some goals for yourself, and the willingness to do the spade work.

Get good training, apply what you’ve learned, and practice until you become great at it.

And always answer the phone.

Getting started is easy!

Did you know that at any one moment, the number of people circulating resumes exceeds 30 million? This outpaces by more than 30 times the number of positions that are available.

The need for superior resumes and cover letters is obvious.

And, with what you already know about persuasive writing, you have a very unique advantage. Just like I did when I started.

AWAI’s Pro Resume Writer Program gave me everything I needed to launch my successful and fulfilling part-time business.

The program quickly takes you from dreaming about starting your own business to doing it, with four easily downloadable PDF files including:

  1. How to Write a Resume That Gets Results (including your exclusive client questionnaire)
  2. Complete Guide to Marketing Your New Business (including sample ads you can use to get clients immediately)
  3. Step-by-Step: Starting and Running Your Own Business
  4. BONUS Section: Successful Techniques to Expand Your Business

There may never be a better time to start your own resume-writing “calling.”

Christopher Zourides is glad he did:

“AWAI's Pro Resume Writer Program delivered everything promised. I completed the course, at my leisure, in less then a month, and I had a viable, profitable, resume business within 6 weeks! I love what I do and am extremely grateful to AWAI for everything gained through taking their course. My return on investment is immeasurable.” – Christopher Zourides

Here’s to your success!

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Published: May 16, 2009

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