Marketing With Video Online Can Spell
Big Opportunity for You

Yesterday, I spent an hour using Google to research local web developers for a project I’m working on.

There were a lot, as expected, but only one developer really stands out in my mind right now.

You see, when I clicked on his pay-per-click ad, instead of sending me to a landing page to read about his services, he walked me through his portfolio and showed me what I could expect from working with him through a video.

And after he was done, I entered my name and email as instructed, so that he could follow-up with me to discuss the specific details of my project.

What surprised me is that I was just doing research at the time. I wasn’t intending to actually start a dialogue with anyone just yet.

But he was able to grab me and get me to take action right that minute.

Whether you own an online business, or work as a web writer for clients, you can’t get around it … marketing with video online can spell big opportunity for you.

Learn how to do it well, and you’ll actually have two new opportunities to make money:

  1. You can use it to market your own products and services, or as a way to build content for your own website.
  2. You can offer your services to the tens of thousands of companies who want to market using video this year, but have no idea how to get started.

So what exactly is online video marketing?

Take a look at the emails in your inbox and the homepages of the websites you visit.

Chances are you’ll find companies in all types of industries, from small- to mid-size to large, trying to capture their viewers’ attention with video that ultimately persuades them to take some kind of action.

What kinds of action are taken from video?

Just like any form of direct-response marketing, the action could be anything from visiting a website … ordering a weight-loss program … signing up for a free beauty product sample … filling out a survey … subscribing to a magazine … buying a new cleaning product … donating to a pet shelter … and more.

Do you have to know everything about video before you get started?

Absolutely not. And, in the end, you may not even want to do all aspects of the business.

However, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of how the entire project works: pitching and landing jobs, pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery.

That way you can manage the ENTIRE project rather than just getting hired by a production company to do a sliver of the work.

Or, you can choose to do the elements you enjoy, and then bring in other people to help with the areas you don’t want to do yourself.

It’s completely up to you how you customize this career.

What if I just want to write copy? Is that enough?

Yes – you can specialize in writing the scripts. And, this is actually a really important part of marketing with video online.

Because in the end, a direct-response online video is only as good as its words. Just like any good copy, it has to be compelling and persuasive to encourage visitors to take action.

How much can a freelance video marketer earn?

As a writer, the standard pay in this niche is between $100 to $500 per page (and that’s with lots of white space, due to the specific formatting requirements video scripts have) …

Plus, if you decide to storyboard the video script, or hire actors and shoot the video, or edit the video, or distribute the video, you could add an additional $50 to $200 per hour to your fees!

And that’s just the beginning …

Online video-marketing specialist Jessica Kizorek, for example, who has been doing this for a while, only takes projects starting at $10,000. And she’s able to manage multiple projects at any given time.

I’m sure you can see the potential here.

The great thing about being a freelance online video-marketing specialist is that you can adjust how much you work and earn, to suit your own personal circumstances and ambitions.

You may decide you want to do this exclusively, and make six figures marketing with video online.

Or, this could be something that you add to your current and future clients, allowing you to charge even more for each project.

Either way, the money is there.

What kind of qualifications do you need to be a video marketer?

The ability to say: “This is what I want to do!”

To make good money, you need to be able to decide what aspects of video marketing you enjoy and want to personally take on.

Each element of the video process is very different. So, you’ll want to pick your specialty and stick to that.

You could, for example, be an awesome cameraman and editor. Or, maybe you’ll stick to writing scripts.

Remember, first you’ll want to learn how the entire process works. And then decide which areas you want to learn how to do yourself and which ones you want to hand over to someone else.

Is there a big investment in equipment?

That all depends on what elements you’re going to perform yourself.

If you want to only write scripts, there is no investment necessary … other than the investment you made in learning how to write persuasively.

If you want to do the filming and editing, you’ll need a camera and some software.

However, keep in mind that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment when you’re starting out. You can use a Webcam, or a simple digital hand-held camera, and you can download many free versions of easy-to-use video-editing software off the Internet.

Is this still a viable opportunity even in today’s economy?

According to research firm eMarketer, this cutting-edge niche is expected to grow $2.3 billion by 2011, which means it will quadruple from its current size.

And its projected growth makes complete sense …

Companies can produce online videos quickly and inexpensively, which gives them a great channel for testing new ideas.

And with the easy distribution of video through services like, online videos also open a low-cost (sometimes no-cost!) channel for driving traffic to a website, building a mailing list, and selling products online.

Can you really become a successful online video marketer simply by taking a program?

Yes and no.

With many courses, you’ll be able to talk the talk, but you won’t be able to walk the walk. (This isn’t a case of “faking it till you make it.”)

Whenever I want to learn something new in the web business, I find people who are doing it well. And making a lot of money doing it.

I refuse to follow hype. Lots of people can talk about a topic. But I prefer to learn from people who are successful at actually doing it … who can walk the walk!

When I wanted to learn how to write a money-making website in my spare time, I went to Nick Usborne. Just one of his websites makes him $50K a year, and he spends 5 hours a week on it – max!

When I wanted to learn how to write SEO copy, I found the pioneer of SEO copywriting, Heather Lloyd-Martin. Not only is she a brilliant speaker on the topic, she IS a successful and sought-after SEO copywriter, who bills tens of thousands of dollars for a single project.

And when I wanted to learn how to market online with video, I did what I normally do and went out to find someone who was not only marketing with video online, but was successfully monetizing it for herself and her clients.

So, if you want to learn how to market online with video, I’d like to formally introduce you to Jessica Kizorek.

Jessica is an award-winning, CNN-featured videographer who runs several successful businesses, as well as donating some of her time and talent to worthy causes. She’s making a great deal of money with video online, and helps clients do the same.

And, once you’ve completed Jessica’s program, Marketing With Video Online for Profit, and done all the exercises she recommends, you’ll have everything you need to get started in this industry. You’ll be exposed to all the areas, so you can choose which ones you want to pursue.

Jessica breaks everything down into simple steps, so you can talk the talk AND walk the walk. She even provides a workbook with exercises designed to help you truly absorb the material, as well as online video tutorials so you can see what you need to do to be successful.

She’ll even show you how to get your first paying clients, and then build your client base!

With the program you’ll receive complete access to 19 specific video-training sessions with Jessica, including:

  • How to write, shoot, edit, and distribute a video and make it look professional, even if you have no experience or have only used YouTube for fun in the past;
  • Why people expect more from the marketing materials and advertisements they see, and what you can do to deliver on their expectations;
  • What it takes to persuade someone to take a desired action in a video, and how that translates into a video script and shooting;
  • How to measure the success of your video (even a simple YouTube video);
  • The legal considerations to keep in mind when shooting and distributing your videos;
  • Business models you can use to build a successful video-marketing business (even starting with YouTube);
  • Video-marketing techniques for marketing your services, including a “vlog” (video blog); and
  • How you can make sure you have a never-ending stream of clients ready to pay for your services, and much more!

So, take the challenge. Order the materials today. And you’ll be on your way to running an online video-marketing business.

AWAI Member Jim McCullough’s glad he did. He writes: “Within two weeks of ordering Marketing With Video Online for Profit, I landed a training video for a home-security company which paid me $5,000!”

You have all the qualifications you need to become a successful online video-marketing specialist. So, if it’s something you want to try, there’s never been a better time.

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Published: May 20, 2009

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