June 2009

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Job Opportunities … If You Love Sports, This Might Be Your Dream Copywriting Job

Under Armour is a sports apparel company searching for an elite writer with proven success to join them full-time at their headquarters in Baltimore, MD.

Better Than A USP?

What some companies use to sell you on their product or service in three seconds or less.

Motivational Myths That Are Murdering Your Money

Joshua Boswell offers a very simple, three-step formula for moving yourself past being a timid, frustrated, broke copywriter, to a superstar, flying through the realms of profit and prosperity.

Faith: The Powerhouse of Success

AWAI member and flourishing copywriter, Joshua Boswell, shares with you what he believes makes him successful and how you can make it work for you.

The Loop: Filling Your Calendar With Work, Part 1

Successful spare-time-business owner Tom Kavala shares five actions steps you must take in order for your business to succeed.

Rotten Economy Is the Best News of Your Lifetime

Joshua Boswell explains how copywriters can laugh hysterically in the face of the rotten economy and be the gallant heroes in the lives of desperate business owners.

Whenever You Start Thinking, “I’ll Never Be Able to …” – Remember the True Secret to Success …

AWAI Staff Writer Guillermo Rubio explains why the key to getting past negative thoughts so you can move forward toward your goals is to realize how those at the top really attained success.

Another Quick Research Tip

Save hours of research time with this quick research tip.

Congratulations … AWAI’s “B2B Rising Star!” Competition Winners Announced

Congratulations to Suzie Bowers, the grand-prize winner in AWAI’s “B2B Rising Star!” competition, as well as all the other finalists.

Job Opportunities … Get Your Foot in the Door and Make Six Figures With Agora Financial

Join their team as an entry-level copywriter full-time in their Baltimore office, and get paid while you learn the craft of writing direct-response advertising copy.

If You Want to “Go Where the Money Is,” Grow Your Skills As an ONLINE Copywriter

Even if you choose to do some offline copywriting work, it’s essential that you also grow your skills as an online copywriter. Top web-copy expert Nick Usborne offers three reasons why growing your business as an online copywriter is the smart way to go.

Make Your Writing Hypnotic

12 tips that will help keep your reader reading.

Make Your Business Your Compass

Isabel Viana shares what her four business directions are, and how she’s using them to improve her own personal and professional life.

Beliefs, Relationships, and the Secret to Success

John Torre discusses the biggest asset that you can develop for yourself to earn the kind of money and lifestyle we all want to make from our profession.

Poor Man’s SEO: How I Got on Google’s First Page

Robert Nomura explains how he ended up on Google’s first page without having a website or any online property.

Inigo Montoya Was Right About Social Media Too

Sid Smith explains the real meaning of social media and social networking and how to use both tools to make money.

Words. Actions. Thoughts.

New copywriter, Ann Jordan-Mills encourages you to take advantage of every writing opportunity no matter your lack of experience.

The Missing Step to Achieving Your Goals

In order to achieve success, you have to do more than just set goals and break them down into tasks. Here’s a surefire process for staying on track.

4 Reasons Why Being a Freelance Copywriter Is One of the Best and Safest Jobs in Today’s New World

Nick Usborne offers up four more reasons why being a freelance copywriter is one of the best and safest jobs in today’s new world

What’s the Setting on Your “Success Thermostat”?

AWAI Staff Writer Guillermo Rubio offers three steps for resetting your “success thermostat” so that you can achieve a higher level of success.

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