Make Your Business Your Compass

I certainly would like my copywriting business to be a steppingstone to my short and long-term goals. So, I’m always thinking about which direction I’d like it to go. Lately, I’ve thought of my career as a compass pointing to four different directions. I like this approach because it’s allowed me to look at my business as a whole while I analyze and optimize its most important functions.

I also appreciate that this process has helped me to see the areas in which I am deficient as a business owner. By focusing on adjusting those areas that aren’t functioning too well right now, I hope to navigate towards each of my four main points more easily to create the life I’ve envisioned.

I’ll share with you below what my four business directions are and how I’m using them to improve on my professional and business life. You may want to create your own business compass and use it to guide you in the directions you’d like to evolve.

  1. Financial Independence: This is something I’ve struggled with a lot. One of my core beliefs, which I inherited from my family, is that anyone who lives in financial abundance got there via dishonest means.

    I have recently realized that this core belief is like a rock tied to my neck. I am certain it’s kept me from enjoying a life of financial abundance a lot sooner because in my mind, having more than enough to pay the bills was never okay.

    How has that belief reflected in my business life? I recently shared with another copywriter how much I had charged a client for a certain project. Right after she picked her chin off the floor, she told me to run the next project by her first

    before finalizing my quote. The truth is, even before I talked to my friend, I knew I had undercharged the client. But, at the time, I just didn’t have what it would have taken to ask for a fair amount.

    So, as I look in the direction of my business as a source of financial independence, I see that I need to do some internal work, at the soul level, to shift my mindset. This is the only way I’ll be able to remove the roadblocks keeping my career from bringing me financial abundance.

    In this case, what works for me is to maintain awareness of this core belief. Only if I know it’s there, can I neutralize it with counter-thoughts that remind me it’s okay to have more than enough for what I desire.

  2. Schedule Freedom: As a parent, I put a lot of value on the time I get to spend with my daughter. I wouldn’t want my business life to interfere with it. So, in addition to financial independence, I also want my career to always afford me schedule flexibility.

    Interestingly, here another of my core beliefs helps me. Because it was hard on me as a child that both my parents worked full time, I decided early on that my daughter would always have me around.

    That means I’m already mindful of keeping a schedule that works for my daughter and me. There’s little in this direction of my compass that I need to change. I’d say I could look for options to optimize my work schedule. Sometimes, I find myself cutting sleep short to finish projects by the deadline. But since it doesn’t happen often, I’m willing to forego a full night’s sleep from time to time.

  3. World Service: I know this sounds very lofty and idealistic but in reality, it’s doable. I simply want to be sure to use my business to improve the life of others. Through my online business, I provide a service that very clearly does that. However, in copywriting, service to the community isn’t as evident. Still, I make sure to run a conscious business that doesn’t create copy that provides false claims or steals from people. I also volunteer my writing services to a local nonprofit. And once my business becomes a source of financial abundance, I’ll be giving a portion of it to the causes I support.

    Currently, when my compass needle points to this direction, I feel satisfied. I keep it as one of the goals I want my business to help me accomplish so I don’t ever lose sight of it.

  4. Personal Growth: My business would be pointless if it didn’t help me evolve as a human being. I look at what I do every day as a tool that teaches me about who I am. My career is not an end but a means for me to reach a higher consciousness.

    Seeing my business in this manner helps me to appreciate the challenges I encounter and to remember to be grateful for the joy it brings. I believe everything in our lives follow a certain universal logic. When I align myself with the energy of the universe, I understand its reasons and I see how every experience presented to me is neither good nor bad. Instead, it is a chance—like a gift given to me—for me to move one step up the consciousness ladder.

    Each time I face and unravel a difficult circumstance, I get closer to my inner wisdom. This process has made it easier for me to face new hardships.

    And gratitude is what fuels the heart. So, I also make sure to keep plenty of it in storage.

As you grow your copywriting business, determine the directions you’d like your career to take you. Then, I invite you to build your own business compass and use it to create the life of abundance you deserve.

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Published: June 3, 2009

1 Response to “Make Your Business Your Compass”

  1. It's certainly helpful to read pieces like this. There is the feeling (that I get) that Isabel is bearing his soul for the reader...which makes her sound more human, like the rest of us.
    Yes, I relate to some of her points very well!

    John Keyser

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