Motivational Myths That Are
Murdering Your Money

I have a question for you: What is the number one thing holding you back from having a massive, amazing, stunningly profitable copywriting business?

I mean, if you could do this one thing, you’d swing through the ranks of those struggling to rub two nickels together … to landing your first client, to rockin’ and rollin’ high above the coveted six-figure mark.

Okay, so what is the “one thing”?

I’m going to tell you, but you have to promise not to laugh. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t you dare roll your eyes at me and brush it off as being simple and unsubstantial. Because I find that the best, most profitable stuff is almost always simple and easy to understand.


Okay, here it is: Do the right thing, more consistently.

That’s it. Just do more of the right things and do less of the wrong things. Told you it was simple!

You see, we are so lucky to live in a world full of never-failing laws. I’m not talking about political laws (hardly a “never-failing” venture, right?). I’m talking about natural laws. Gravity keeps on pulling down, the sun keeps on rising up, and oxygen keeps on binding with iron in our blood. Isn’t it wonderful?

If you don’t already know this, then I hope you’ll file what I’m about to say deep inside your head and heart and keep it there for the rest of your life …

Success is always based on consistent principles that never change. Oh, the exact implementation might adjust here and there … but under it all, there is a sure and constant principle at work that never has and never will fail.

How do you get to be a shining, profitable, and amazing copywriter? Just learn the right things to do and do them.

I’m not being silly or funny. That’s the way. It never fails.

Today, I’m going to focus on the second part of that equation: Do it. Why? Because you have AWAI products in your court to teach you the fundamental success laws behind writing stellar copy, etc. They’ll tell you how, and I’m going to help you get past your demons of fear, doubt, and lack of self-worth so that you can actually do it.

Here is a very simple, three-step formula for moving yourself past being a timid, frustrated, broke copywriter, to a superstar, flying through the realms of profit and prosperity:

Step 1: Define what you want.

No one ever, ever, achieved real success in his life without knowing what he wanted. The “what I want” is the rocket fuel you must have in your tank to launch. It drives the entire engine. It overcomes fears. It crushes doubt and despair. It reverses mental constipation and frees up those fingers to fly across the keyboard. It expands the mind in every way imaginable.

I repeat … Step 1 is you must know what you want.

So, take a minute right now and make a highly descriptive list of what you want. Spare no expense in time or effort in doing this. The longer you procrastinate and hum and haw about this, the longer you’ll be crushed in your efforts to gain wealth and success. It stinks being crushed, so stop it and define what you want.

Your “What I Want” list must be written. It must, must, must be specific. (“I want to be rich and happy” ain’t going to cut it, baby. The mind only acts on specifics. That is an immovable law. Be specific!)

Step 2: Determine your “next physical action” items.

You’ll never take action on something that you don’t believe is possible. If it feels too far off, you’ll bask in the light of the dream and live in the misery of the moment. Your mind will only act on things that it hopes to achieve.

Would you go to work at the JOB if you believed they’d never pay you? No way!

Would you drive your car if you believed it would blow up and die on you before you got to the store? Nope.

You only act on things that you believe can be achieved.

So, take a list of all the things you want and write down 5-10 next physical action items that you could do to bring you one tiny, little step closer to your goals.

Those tiny, next physical action items (send email, call Bob, write to-do list, write promo letter, etc.) give your mind the meat it needs to feed your positive beliefs. It says, “I can get there. See, I made a list of what I can do right now, today to get there.”

Step 3: Begin immediately.

Too many of us want to see the end from the beginning. Look, the six-figure writer’s lifestyle is there. Too many people have achieved it for you to seriously question that. Actually, your mind is not questioning that. It’s really questioning whether YOU can do it. Right? Isn’t that the real question?

Well, the answer to that question is a resounding, “YES!” … but you’ve got to believe that. You can prove it to yourself again and again and again by immediately beginning to do the right stuff.

No matter how small the step, just take it. (Like actually doing Step 1: What do you want? … Write it down specifically!)

And when you have it done, step back and say, “Looky there! I just took the first step toward being a shining six-figure copywriter! I’m amazing.” And you are amazing, and you should feel proud. But don’t linger on it. There’s another step to take, and you can do that one, too.

The key here is don’t delay. There is pure genius behind action. Take it, and the world bows to you as a conquering hero and lets you pass the portals of success.

Let me wrap up with this: What is the motivational myth that is murdering your money?

The ridiculous concept that you need to feel “motivated, energetic, enthusiastic, and bubbling with positive thinking” to be successful. That is nonsense. You simply need to believe that success is within your grasp and start moving forward … and I just showed you how!

Every week, I spend a few minutes on video, personally mentoring fellow copywriters. We cover the best “next physical action” items, effective ways to get moving immediately, and tricks for clearing your head and defining what you want. My whole goal is to show you exactly what to do to become a successful copywriter and motivating you to do it.

I’d like you to join us. I really hope you will. We lovingly call the program the Monday Morning Jumpstart.

It’s a bit of magic for your Monday morning.

Discover more about what this magic can do for you here …

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Published: June 10, 2009

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