Rotten Economy Is the Best News
of Your Lifetime

If I hear one more person say to me, in that sad, sappy, pathetic tone of voice, with their head wagging, “Yeah, it’s really tough out there. It’s the economy, you know,” I’m going to barf.

Especially if that person has their hands on any ONE of AWAI’s programs.

Here’s the brutal truth … the people saying that are just happy to wallow in their victim mentality and delighted to stay broke, hungry, and frustrated their whole lives.

Now, I know I can rant to you, because you are not one of those sappy, sad stories … at least you won’t be anymore :-)

Virtually everyone in my circles, including myself, is having the best business boom of their lives.

Why? Because we know what makes people tick. We know how to persuade. We have access to the world’s greatest copywriting, web-writing, website-building, resume-writing, and other sundry persuasion tools.

Not only that, but you and I know how to get inside the customer’s head, develop a relationship with them, understand their needs, and fill those needs with class and style.

We are copywriters. And that means we rock when the economy gets grumpy. That means we shine when everyone else is gloomy. We’ve got the cookie. We’ve got the power. We’ve got the skills to personally opt-out of these dark days … and we’ve got the muscle to help our clients do the same.

Listen up … you, yes YOU, are desperately needed out there right now. Business owners are slugging down gallons of Malox, losing sleep at night, and fretting about losing their dreams, their hopes, the confidence of their families, their self respect, and their businesses, to boot.

They need your help, and they need it now.

Sure, some whining, wimpy business owners are rolling over and playing dead (“Yeah, I lost my business. It’s the economy’s fault. I’m an innocent victim” … barffff), but others are willing to go toe-to-toe, fist-to-fist with this ugly economy and are searching for ways to get lean and mean.

You know what lean and mean is? It is direct-response copywriting. You got it, and they need you in their corner and are willing to pay.

So, what do you need to do? You’ve got to get out there and go to bat for them. How do you do it? How do you gut up and overcome the demons of fear, doubt, frustration, and apathy? How do you win, win, win???

You need three things …

First, you’ve got to know what to do.

Second, you’ve got to do it, consistently.

Third, you need a mentor in YOUR corner who picks you up when you’re down, kicks your teeth in when you’re whining, and praises you like a maniac when you take the tiniest step toward success.

What’s that, you say? Not enough money to hire someone to help you with those three things? (Don’t even THINK about saying, “Times are tough right now, you know” … humph!)

Well, I've got a perfect solution for you. Hundreds of your fellow AWAI copywriters are already living the magic and exploding their growth, results, incomes, and all those other things we dream of having.

You can join us you know. Yep, you can be part of the most incredible thing that AWAI has ever done. You can laugh hysterically in the face of the rotten economy and be the gallant hero in the lives of a handful of desperate business owners.

Can you imagine how I’m feeling these days? I’ve got 5 major clients right now. The least successful of them grew their business by something like 30% in the past 6 months … the others have done far better than that. All on the back of my consulting and copywriting, if I may say so modestly.

I get up in the morning turbo-charged knowing that their businesses are growing, that they’re paying me very, very handsomely for the copy I’m delivering, and that my family is safe, comfortable and totally oblivious to the economic mess going on out there.

It rocks!

Well, I’ve devoted a chunk of my life, each week, to giving you everything I’ve got inside me … everything I know about self-motivation, finding and closing clients, writing killer copy … EVERYTHING – so you can wake up turbo-charged each morning too.

Want to find out how we do all that?

Then get the rest of the story now …
The Professional Writers’ Alliance

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

At last, a professional organization that caters to the needs of direct-response industry writers. Find out how membership can change the course of your career. Learn More »

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Published: June 9, 2009

3 Responses to “Rotten Economy Is the Best News of Your Lifetime”

  1. I am looking forward to changing my and my family's lives for the better through helping others do better!

    DS of Dragonfly Productions

  2. I'm glad you wrote this article because I know plenty of people around me that say this. I am working towards not being one of them. I want to be able to learn from this program and guide my children to learn this, also my friends. My younger cousin always said,"cousin there is always an opportunity to make money."

    Nessa D

  3. I love this program. I know how to sell and I am an excellent writer. I plan to follow this program and utilize the other great information AWAI provides its members. Thank you!


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