It’s Time to Get to Know Each Other!

Welcome back everybody! I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th holiday!

For those of you that might have missed Rebecca Matter’s June 11 posting that announced me as the blog contest winner, I’d like to kick things off by briefly touching upon a couple points made in the quote she attributed to me …

First of all, thanks to everyone that took an active part in the competition process. Your comments showed the passion you have for learning your craft, and the level of caring you have about the direction our blog takes from here. And as I’ve said from the beginning, while I may have been chosen to steer the ship from here on out, it’s ultimately you that will choose the course we set sail for, so keep those comments coming!

I’d also like to thank Rebecca for initiating the blog and competition, and Jackie Mehler for keeping all the finalists on track. I know in my own case, on at least a couple occasions I appreciated Jackie’s “gentle reminders” (the latest of which taking place today in fact …) that my post was due! Indeed, she’s a pleasure to deal with and does a great job of holding it all together.

Last but not least, I would be remiss if I didn’t say how impressed I was with each and every one of the other finalists. Ann Jordan-Mills, Robert Nomura, Sid Smith, and Isabel Viana are all incredibly gifted writers, and I’m sure you join me in looking forward to their continued participation in the blog and learning more about their unique perspectives and areas of expertise.

And speaking of continued participation … that’s where I’d like to start things off this week …

I’d like you to take this opportunity to introduce yourself to me and the other blog readers. Tell us where you are in your journey to become a wealthy web writer. What got you into it in the first place? What types of projects are you working on, and what kind of successes have you realized? What problems have you encountered, and what have you learned along the way? Tell us anything and everything about yourself and that which pertains to making money through the magic of crafting compelling online copy.

This will give me a better feel for what you need this blog to do for you, and it will also give you an opportunity to connect with other like-minded AWAI members. As we’ve already learned from the competition posts, the power of networking can be (and should be!) an important piece of the puzzle in attaining your goals.

And don’t forget to tell me what topics you’d most like to see in the coming weeks and months so I can prepare a rough schedule based on your interests.

While we’re at it, I’m also looking for article proposals. I had already mentioned to Bernardo that he’ll be counted on to provide us with more information about the “new breed of online buyer,” which I think will prove to be very helpful when it comes to defining our marketing messages. I’m also looking forward to hearing more from Sid, who has a great handle on social media techniques; Robert, who can provide great tips regarding marketing and search engine rankings; Ann, who has shown a unique perspective on the challenges faced by emerging copywriters, and Isabel, who demonstrates a remarkable talent for speaking from her heart when it comes to defining business and personal goals, and the steps necessary to achieve both.

Remember, having an article published in the Wealthy Web Writer blog is another sample of your writing that you can offer to prospective clients, so don’t dismiss this great opportunity to add another “feather in your cap!”

On my end, I’ll be organizing things and trying to keep us on the straight and narrow … or the crooked and wide, whatever the situation calls for. I’m also working on a couple things for us with AWAI that should prove to be pretty exciting and make our blog an interactive tool for furthering our writing careers. I don’t want to spill the beans quite yet until all the details are in place, but suffice it to say that if everything works out the way I think it will, it’ll be well worth your while to stick around and be an active part of the goings-on here!

So that’s about it for this week. Consider it a virtual “meet-and-greet.” I’ll look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime have a great week and as always …

Good health and good writing!

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Published: July 9, 2009

7 Responses to “It’s Time to Get to Know Each Other!”

  1. It was a dark and stormy night when Tina was born.

    The call came about 1:30 a.m. Maria had gone into labor, but didn’t think I needed to come right away. RIGHT! Richard packed me a snack and I left in a blinding January blizzard. My original plan to drive on the right side of the highway (a plan probably shared by many drivers in the West) quickly gave way to Plan B—stay between the ditches.

    Thus begins my latest and one of my funnest (and least profitable!) writing gigs. As it's a free blog, I'd appreciate advice on growing it for free.

    Thank you.

    Margaret E

  2. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a chance to look over Nick Usborne's report on "Why Right Now Spells Big Opportunity for Online Copywriters." AWAI sent it out free last week, I think.


    I'm also wondering what people are finding with the pay differential for online copywriting versus traditional direct mail. Is it harder to get the big bucks online, or is that just my perception? direct mail dead? It sure seems that way to me. The only mailings I get anymore are from Nightingale-Conant. And even they've slowed down.


  3. Greetings John! It's great to see you back! I have been watching for you and for some reason I missed this post. (Maybe because I'm immersed in writing about my recent New York trip and preparing for the Travel Writers Workshop next week, or maybe our first few sunny days up here have gone to my head!) Oops - better waken up and keep up! Just went onto Twitter and saw it there.
    I look forward to future posts - from you and others - and also to contributing when and where I can.

    Ann Jordan-Mills

  4. My blog GrandmasTreasures recounts the adventures of my grandchildren, Tommy and Tina, since birth. (Maria is my daughter.) I love writing the blog, and others seem to enjoy it. pays a very nominal amount each time a person clicks on the blog. I'm looking for ways to expand my readership. Thank you so much.

    Margaret E

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