Turning Puppies Into Profits: The Secret Behind Email Marketing Success

Last Saturday, my family and I stopped by a big-name pet store …

(We already have a dog that we're very happy with. But the kids love looking at all the cuties in the shop.)

This store was especially interesting, because they were using a marketing technique that was not only absolutely brilliant …

 … but could also mean a big boost to your email marketing campaigns.

Let me explain …

Along the wall are cages filled with the most adorable puppies on earth. And across from the cages was a row of small, cubicle-like compartments.

These compartments were specially constructed so customers could spend one-on-one time inside with the puppy (or puppies) of their choice.

You simply flag down an employee, pick out a puppy, and they'd bring it to your "room". Then you could spend as much time as you wanted playing, holding, petting, etc with the little ball of fur.

Can you say "BRILLIANT"?

Think about this for a second … it's hard enough not to get a big case of the "awwwwwwww's" when you see these fuzzy little creatures looking at you from behind the glass …

But this place took it a step further. Now you get to actually interact the dog … stroke its soft coat … giggle as it jumps up and licks your face … all the fun things that make a puppy irresistible.

As I was watching this from a marketing standpoint, I almost wanted to stand and applaud.

Because my guess is this place does a bang up business--especially on Saturdays. The puppy row was packed, and there were people waiting on cubicles to empty.

Why? It's very simple. This chain of stores is capitalizing on the one thing that can drive sales faster--and farther--than anything else:

They're not selling animals. They're selling RELATIONSHIPS.

Once the customer establishes a bond with one of the pups inside these little romp rooms, the chances of them taking the dog home go up dramatically.

All the objections melt away, replaced by the joy of being with something so lovable. And when you add kids to the mix? FORGET IT.

Seriously--how many parents can say no after seeing their babies faces virtually light up with that little Yorkie or Westie in their lap?

Not many.

Fortunately, my wife and I were spared the "PLEEEEEEEEEASE Mommy and Daddy" cries from our children. But as I was driving home, I started thinking …

This marvelously shrewd technique used in this pet store can also be applied to your email marketing campaigns.

It's true--by taking that extra step and establishing a relationship with your prospects through a series if well-written emails, the chances of converting that prospect into a customer go through the roof.

Now, I'm not talking about crawling into their laps and licking their faces. That's just weird (and probably against the law in some states).

But I am talking about building a bridge of trust between you and your prospect … getting them to know you and to like you … and establishing a relationship that can not only culminate in one sale, but many sales over the years.

So how do you do that through emails exactly?

Here's 3 simple elements you can implement right now to start building a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your prospects.

  1. Be Open: Don't hide behind a persona or a facade in your emails. Be transparent in your messages. Give people a sneak peek inside your homes, your office, and your lives.

    Some of the most profitable emails I've written have revolved around an event that's more personal--a funny thing the kids did, a popular movie or TV show, or even a visit to the pet store. ;)

    When you give your prospects a peek inside your life, they'll feel as though you "trust" them with your personal details--just like a friend. And the natural reaction will be for them to trust you back.

  2. Be Honest: One if my biggest pet peeves is when marketers paint the whole "I'm on the beach typing this" scenario when I know full well they're sitting in the basement next to a pile of dirty laundry.

    That's why it's so important to be honest with your subscribers. Honesty builds trust faster than anything else. And when you're honest with your prospects, they'll reward that integrity by purchasing from you--over and over again.

    Besides, lying can only get you in trouble. Pretty soon, you're constantly covering your tracks with more lies and that whole "tangled web" thing comes into play. The result? Zero integrity … and zero sales.

  3. Be Helpful: Most of your prospects opted in to your list because you promised them something of value. Here's a thought … GIVE it to them!

    Make sure your emails offer something that's helpful to your readers, whether it be a content-based series that teaches or the answer to a certain want, need, desire, or problem they're experiencing.

Let's face it--the inbox isn't getting any smaller these days. And your prospects' attention is being pulled in a hundred different directions. So make sure you come through with what you promised--and even MORE. This will establish you as a premier source for information in your niche, and will go a long way towards creating a profitable relationship.

Those are just 3 ways of using email copy to strengthen the bond between you and your prospects. And to be honest, we're only scratching the surface of what goes into an email series that pulls people back to your sales messages (and your Buy Buttons).

I've spent the past 3 years crafting winning email and autoresponder copy for the biggest names in marketing, including Rich Schefren, Alex Mandossian, Jeff Walker, and many more. And now, I'm revealing my plug-and-play system to you.

So if you want to discover how to create email and autoresponder copy that gets opened, gets read, and gets click-thrus, go HERE right now!

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Published: July 29, 2009

3 Responses to “Turning Puppies Into Profits: The Secret Behind Email Marketing Success”

  1. Jay, Right on the mark here! Giving subscribers something of value (as we originally promised when they signed-up) seems to be a fleeting concept to most of the current crop of email marketers.

    Of all the lists I subscribe to, only one or two actually send me content other than sales pitches for the "latest, greatest, can't-fail" scheme on the market. There's no relationship-building of any sort going on - just an endless parade of pitches!

    Email marketing should be much more personal than that.


  2. That is so thinking outside the box! What a great picture - you are right on!


  3. Hi Jay! Thought you might enjoy something I read while researching yesterday. This copywriter was trying to sell a personal service as a teacher to prospective copywriting students. The writer started off with "I'm sitting on my balcony overlooking" yada yada...! The writer then claimed that, if the prospective student had a computer, that was 90% of the way to a brilliant career. I thought that was quite ironic and certainly proves the AWAI claim that after taking the course you know more than 90% of copywriters out there! :D

    Marla Brannan

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