7 Words That Instantly Launched
My Six-Figure Copywriting Career …

January 14, 2006. 8:40 a.m. Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco, CA

“Mind if we join you?”

I looked up from my cherry croissant to see a slim, dark-haired gentleman, dressed all in black, and his young boy standing at my table with their breakfast.

“Of course,” I said, not knowing what lay in store for me. “Please be my guest.”

It was day two of the copywriting seminar. I was less than two weeks away from shucking the chains of corporate bondage and launching my freelance copywriting career.

And I had zero clients.

None. Zippo. Nada. But more on that in a second …

As the man and his son sat down, he smiled behind his neatly-trimmed beard and hip, stylish glasses, stuck out his hand and said, “Hi, I'm Alex Mandossian, and this is my son, Gabriel.”


Now, I knew who Alex was. In fact, he was due to speak at our seminar that morning.

But he wasn't at the podium yet. Nope. By some amazing coincidence, he was actually sitting at MY breakfast table!

Needless to say, I was a bit taken back. And more than a little nervous.

It's not every day you have a private audience with one of Internet marketing's most successful and highly-respected names without shelling out a house payment or two.

My mind raced with questions … What’s your secret? How did you achieve your success so quickly? Where did you get that jacket? Soon I relaxed a bit, and Alex and I began to talk …

“Jay, what do you do?” he asked.

“I'm a copywriter,” I replied, and proceeded to tell him my story about starting in radio, spending several years writing in-house for a major cataloger, then finally a small agency that catered to LASIK surgeons before deciding to launch my own firm.

But when I said the words “catalog copy,” I saw his eyes light up.

“Really? Tell me more about that …”

I quickly rehashed my catalog copywriting history while Alex listened closely. I knew there was something brewing inside that brilliant mind of his, but I had no idea what until he said these seven words … the words that would single-handedly launch my copywriting career …

“I may have a project for you.”

Now, this guy didn't know me from Adam. He had never seen my work, never heard my name, never read a single letter of my copy.

But for some reason, right there in the atrium of the Hyatt Regency, he saw something in my eyes that caused him to consider hiring me.

Two weeks later, I was writing the first of many projects for Alex. And since then, he’s referred me to several million-dollar clients worldwide as well as helped to position me as a world-class email and auto-responder writer.

And it all started at that breakfast table.

It’s true — that chance meeting with Alex virtually put me into another tax bracket. But it would never have happened if I hadn’t taken the chance and attended that event.

You see, my entire career path would have been drastically altered if I had decided to stay home and not further my copywriting career.

I probably would have struggled mightily to get a few meager clients … written for hours on end in return for pennies … and eventually gone back to the 9-to-5 drudgery, chalking up my freelance experiment as just another hash-mark in a long line of failures.

But I didn't.

I took a step of faith (even when money was tight) and flew halfway across the country to better myself as a copywriter and hopefully get a new client of two.

And I did. Boy, did I EVER!

My advice to you …

 … take command of your future by attending AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

I’m going to be there. I want a front row seat to hear Michael Masterson, Clayton Makepeace, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Don Mahoney, Mike Palmer —and now Dan Kennedy, too — share how they make their millions. I want in on how they do what they do!

Plus, I'll bet there’s someone right now who is planning to be there … a new client or fellow copywriter who desperately needs YOUR particular skills and talents.

And, you never know … it may just happen when you least expect it … like at a shared breakfast table!

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Published: August 24, 2009

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