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Copywriting Legend Dan Kennedy to Speak at the 2009 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Dan Kennedy – perhaps the most successful (and exclusive) copywriter working today – will speak at this year’s 10th Annual Fast Track to Copywriting Success Bootcamp.

The hours you’ll spend with this copywriting legend will not only inspire you to greatness – and give you the specific tools you need to launch and your copywriting career – but it’ll also show you how to leverage the knowledge you’re gaining into a multi-million dollar per year enterprise, just like he’s done.

Dan’s fees for a direct mail letter start at $23,000, but more commonly are in the $100,000 (and up) range for a multi-step campaign.

Over $1 million a year, writing part time

His largest project fee to date paid by a single client has been $1 million, plus another $1 million performance-based payment.

Dan routinely bills well over $1 million annually as a copywriter – and that’s writing part time. He “semi retired” back in 2005.

What’s most remarkable is all his business comes entirely from referrals and word of mouth. He never advertises for clients.

In fact, one of the many things he’s going to talk about at Bootcamp is how you too can start amassing the clients you want, without advertising. And show you ways to keep them forever, get better and better fees from them, ensure great results, take charge of the “you-client” relationship, and build your career beyond what you ever thought a freelance writer could earn.

Well, when it comes to advertising legends, Dan is one of the few men that can be mentioned in the same breath as people like David Ogilvy, Gene Schwartz, Claude Hopkins and Jay Abraham.

Dan Kennedy is without question very much a “titan” of the copywriting business.

As an upstart copywriter, you may know Dan from one or more of his 13 books on copywriting, business and marketing … including the popular “No B.S.” series … or one of the few “bibles” of copywriting, The Ultimate Sales Letter, in its 3rd edition, remarkably on bookstore shelves since first published in 1991.

35 years of no-nonsense selling

But behind those books is 35 years of no bull, deep-in-the-trenches, successful, hard core selling for the handful of clients who have been lucky enough to win his services over the years. Companies like Weight Watchers, Miracle Ear, Amway, Mass Mutual, financial services and insurance marketer Lutheran Brotherhood, and more than 100 other corporate clients over the past dozen years alone.

He’s an expert in space ad copy, sales letters, direct mail campaigns, audio, video and TV Infomercial scripts, online presentations, websites, e-mail campaigns and more. (A multi-campaign marketing program he put together for Healthsource helped the franchisor of chiropractic and weight loss centers grow from 4 clinics to 240 in just three years!)

But for all the big names he’s worked for over the years, his bread and butter clients tend to be entrepreneurs running their own business. Dan uses his no bull marketing techniques and sales copy to grow these businesses exponentially – a good reason why 85% of the people who hire him use him over and over again. In fact, one client he’s held for 20 years has grown from a few million in revenues to $1.6 billion at last count.

He’s the face, voice and primary content provider for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, an organization of more than 25,000 businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide, with 140 local chapters in Canada and the United States. (This is also the organization that runs and promotes those huge annual mega wealth-building marketing conferences you’ve likely read about, featuring celebrity entrepreneurs like Gene Simmons of KISS, Joan Rivers, George Foreman, Ivanka Trump and others.)

Full-page ads written by Dan for clients have appeared in over 100 different national magazines … with highly profitable runs lasting up to 7 years.

As one of the pioneers of the “infomercial” format Dan wrote and produced the longest running TV infomercial in its category, which aired for 8 years.

Want to Meet With Dan? $18,800 Please …

The billions in sales he’s generated through his copywriting and marketing campaigns keep him in very high demand.

In fact, if you’d like a day with Dan Kennedy, it’ll cost you a minimum of $18,800.

And he won’t come to you for that price. You go to him. If you want him to come to your place the fee is higher – plus the cost of hiring a private jet.

That’s why Dan coming to Bootcamp is such a coup. Much of what he’ll be talking to you about – the very secrets he’ll be revealing to you – are the very things marketers and businesses are happy to pay him upwards of $2,000 an hour and more to learn!

If you haven’t signed up for this year’s Bootcamp yet, I strongly suggest you do it now.

No question, once news of Mr. Kennedy’s appearance leaks out, the demand for seats will skyrocket.

Why You Need to Secure Your Seat Today

Dan rarely agrees to speak at events other than his own or for private events where companies pay him tens of thousands of dollars for his marketing insights. So when he does go “outside,” people industry-wide clamor to see him.

The fact is, we’ve long wanted Dan to present at Bootcamp but never bothered to ask because we know he rarely does this sort of thing.

But as it turns out, Dan is a big fan of Michael Masterson and has several well-worn copies of his books on his “A shelf,” as he puts it. Plus, he only recently told us how he knows and respects the work AWAI does … and has on and off been thinking about ways to bring his 35 years experience in building his freelance business and copywriter-consultant career to new and developing freelancers.

What better place to start than Bootcamp!

The second reason you’ll want to secure your spot quickly is simply because of the reality of what Bootcamp has become.

You see, in the earlier years, Bootcamp was a place for budding copywriters to polish their skills. But these days it’s much more than that. As copywriters the world over started to see the talented line up of presenters Bootcamp attracts – and the marketers who come to find (and lock in) new copywriting talent – writers from all over come to be part of the action … to meet, mingle, network and socialize.

And with a legend like Dan Kennedy in the mix, Bootcamp will sell out extra quickly … as copywriters from everywhere sign up to see, hear and, with any luck, get a chance to speak to him.

Over half the seats for this year’s event have been sold – and that’s before any news of Mr. Kennedy’s appearance.

To grab your spot now, please click here. It will take you directly to the reservation form, complete with all the information you need: prices, your discount, dates and so on.

Or to get more information on what Bootcamp is all about, including info on who else is going to be there, click here for all the details.

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Published: August 13, 2009

2 Responses to “Breaking News: Copywriting Legend Dan Kennedy to Speak at the 2009 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp”

  1. Love to meet with Dan, love to attend your boot camp, but right now I am caught in a financial whirlpool in the security industry and I will not get out in time.

    Twelve hour shifts do not leave a lot of time to do much, but really appreciate the information I receive by the Internet. Keep it coming


    Glenn D. Stevenson


  2. I’m such a huge fan of Dan Kennedy and his NO BS style of presenting and writing. Dan tells it like it is. I am really looking forward to attending the AWAI conference.
    My husband and I drove through the night on a Friday after work from Chicago to Baltimore to hear Dan speak. We arrived at 4AM and with no sleep to get in line so we could scarf up the front row, which we did to hear Dan talk about Marketing, especially Direct Sales Marketing. I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to be there. Were we tired? You bet. Did we fall asleep during the day-long presentations? No way.
    Those who follow Dan very closely, especially members of his insiders club are said to be part of Planet Dan. Yes, we drink the kool-aid. But unlike other gurus and marketers, when you hear him speak, you will know that DAN GETS IT. He knows marketing like nobody else. He studied personally with the world-famous copywriter Gary Halbert. He knows marketing, direct sales, and he certai


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