How to "Steal" Videos and Quickly Add Content to Your Money-Making Website

Now you've put up your money-making website, and you're faced with a task.

"How do I add fresh, valuable, engaging content to my website?"

"And how do I do it on a regular basis, with minimum effort?"

Well, I have a simple "Stolen Video" method that takes about 10 minutes per page. And the results speak for themselves (I launched this website 2 1/2 months ago):

  • In just 2 1/2 months, Google has indexed 79 pages on my kettlebell website for people to find when they search using keywords related to my website – resulting in 510 visitors referred by Google in the past month (and in the last week or so, the daily number has almost tripled!)
  • I've referred 225 people to the primary merchant I've chosen to be an affiliate for on my site
  • I've generated over $2,000 in revenue for that merchant, and over $215 in commissions for myself

 … And I've hardly spent any time or effort in writing content for the website!

Now I'd like to teach my "Stolen Video" method to you, too.

The big secret?

Add videos to your website from popular video-sharing sites like YouTube and Google Video.

Now don't get me wrong – this isn't really stealing! These video-sharing sites are set up specifically for you to share the videos with your friends and website visitors. You can use them on your website without being expected to pay anything. It's totally free – you don't even have to ask for permission. (But with the instant credibility this method builds for you, it's about as close as you can come to stealing without actually doing it!)

I like this for three big reasons.

  1. Internet users LOVE video. The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently reported 62% of adult Internet users have watched online video. That's up almost 100% from December 2006. This is more users than utilize social-networking sites, download podcasts, or use tools like Twitter to update the world on their daily activities.

  2. You increase your website traffic. When you follow my "Stolen Video" technique, each video you add can increase traffic to your website both through better search-engine rankings, and through visitors referring their friends to your website to watch the video.

  3. Video is engaging. According to my analytics software, the video pages on my site keep people on them 47% longer than the site average – and that's 47% more time to read ads and click through to my advertisers!

(Plus there's a bonus effect … When you use my "Stolen Video" technique, you gain credibility because many of your visitors will actually think YOU created the videos … when all you really did was copy and paste!)

Here's how to find and add videos to your money-making website …

First, a very basic lesson in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you create web pages focused on keywords people type into search engines, you're more likely to show up in the first few results when someone types those keywords into the search engine (as long as the search engine thinks you're providing the user with content they'll like – which this method does automatically).

How do you find out which keywords people are typing into search engines?

I like Google's free keyword tool. Just type one or more general keywords describing your niche into the keyword tool and you'll find dozens of related keywords, along with data about how many people search for those keywords on Google.

Once you have a couple high-traffic keywords picked out, it's time to …

Find videos to steal!

Just plug your high-traffic keywords into the search engines at or See what results come up. See which videos pique your interest. See which have been watched most often. And see which have the most stars for their viewer ratings.

The more a video has been watched, and the higher it is rated by viewers, the better it will be for your site.

(Also, a bonus tip. If you know your niche well, you should be able to pick out which videos answer burning questions that potential visitors to your website may have. These videos are particularly good to add to your website.)

Once you've found a video, it's time to add it to your website.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm going to assume your website is built on a Content Management System (CMS) or blog software (I use WordPress) that allows you to both add text and HTML to your pages.

Now create a new page or blog post using your CMS or blog software, copy and paste the "embeddable player" code into the page content, and viola! The video is ready to go! (If you have a choice between visual and HTML editors, be sure you paste it into the HTML editor then switch back to the visual editor for editing the rest of the page.)

(Having trouble finding the "embeddable player" code? For YouTube instructions, go here. For Google Video, go here. And for all others, simply search "how to embed {site name} videos.")

But wait … we're not done yet.

This is how to turn your video pages into traffic magnets!

Remember the basic SEO lesson from above?

Remember the keywords you used to find that video you've just put into your website?

Well, we're going to use those keywords and that SEO lesson to create a short description of the video which caters to your site visitors, makes your page enticing to search engines, and creates for you a stream of traffic you won't pay a dime for!

Here's the step-by-step:

  1. Write a descriptive title using the keyword. The title of your post should be a short sentence or phrase that contains the keyword you want to optimize for. The keyword alone isn't enough. For videos, I like to begin the title with the word "Video" to catch attention. So if my keyword is "kettlebell snatch" (an exercise), and my video is of someone setting a personal record of how many they can do in 5 minutes, my title may be "Video: Kettlebell Snatch Personal Record − 101 in 5 minutes!"
  2. Write the body of the post with a couple repetitions of the keyword. Introduce the video and explain why it's relevant to your audience. This is the most writing you're going to do, and it only has to be 150 to 300 words. What's most important about this is to inject your personality in the video description, and focus what you're writing on your particular audience. Once you've done this, go back and make sure that you've included the keyword 2-4 times (roughly once every 75 words) to help the search engines know that's the focus of your page.
  3. Hit publish!

Now repeat the "Stolen Video" technique over and over again to add dozens and dozens – even hundreds – of pages of fresh, valuable, engaging content to your money-making website.

But this is just the beginning!

In the first 2 1/2 months of my money-making website, I've generated over $215 in income for myself. (About $45 the first full month, $170 the second, and how much the third and fourth and fifth and … ?)

Others are already creating websites like this to earn $750 … $1,500 … $3,500 and upwards per month.

If you're not already doing this in your spare time, you're missing out on an incredible side (or primary!) income opportunity.

And you'll be surprised how easy it is – no geek skills required!

You'll be up and running quickly with the step-by-step instructions in Nick Usborne's How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites, and you'll hit all the bases to maximize the passive income your money-making websites generate for you.

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Published: August 12, 2009

3 Responses to “How to "Steal" Videos and Quickly Add Content to Your Money-Making Website”

  1. I'm beginning to sound like a stuck record--Rating 5, Rating 5...but you know what?--it's honest! I have never seen such Hi-Value content in anything I have ever pursued. This is the main reason why I refuse to reduce the time keeping up with selected emails. I cannot afford to miss any of this even at the expense of delaying launching my own business. It is clear that I am going save time in the long-term.

    KB Johnson-Ohio

  2. Thanks so much for this article. It's one of the best I've read - you actually include step-by-step instructions!

    I'll be using this technique.

    Thanks again,

    Karen Cioffi


  3. This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time, with one of the clearest description of how to take action. very well done! Keep up the good work.


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