Sacrifice, Easy Money,
and the Stuff Life Is Made Of …

A few months ago, we bought an older, but highly functional, rather large, 36-foot Fleetwood motor home.

You see, I love family time. I love traveling. I love getting out of the home office – if for no other reason than because I've earned the right, the power, and the freedom to leave whenever I want, work wherever I want, and make as much as I want.

The 36-foot Fleetwood is a symbol of my personal victory over the demons of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

It's my personal rebellion against "the man" and the monetary slavery that forces people in our society to grind themselves down from 8:00 to 6:00 every day, sitting in traffic and trembling with the dread that one day they'll be handed a pink slip.

It is my way of shouting out to the world that family, friends, and relationships are most important in my life, and that I refuse to be controlled by money and manipulated by the endless strain of paying bills and being an unwilling participant in the rat race.

Not long ago, when we got back from a 4-day adventure, my wife and I stood looking at the motor home. "Margie," I said, "I hereby name this motor home 'Bob'!"

She smiled, because she knew exactly what I meant by that. Bob Bly.

You see, there was a time when I was overwhelmed by darkness and pain – and that's when AWAI and Bob Bly came into my life, bringing with them the light of financial hope. They treated me with great respect. They answered my endless questions. They patiently mentored me, befriended me, and encouraged me.

Bob, Katie, Rebecca, and Denise remain my close friends. They are not just people I work with or work for. And that means something very special to me.

I have thought a lot about how I met Bob, Katie, and crew. It was June of 2005 in Delray Beach. I spent … ahem, excuse me … I borrowed $5,000 to come down to their "Selling Yourself" bootcamp. Yes, I borrowed – because I was flat broke. A church charity organization was paying our rent. The local food bank was providing our food. We were choking to death on our poverty.

But I felt, deep inside, that I could put my whole heart and soul into this copywriting gig, and that I wouldn't look like a complete and utter fool for doing it. I also believed it would be massively successful for me. I was right.

Why did I have such a strong belief? Because AWAI and Bob had a system. A proven, solid, consistent system. I just knew I could follow it, and that the strength of that system would help me overcome my fears, my doubts, and (to be honest) my laziness.

Margie and I went even deeper into debt to make that trip. But it was not a rash decision. It was carefully thought out. We wanted our freedom. We wanted to be proud of ourselves. We wanted release from financial strains and pains.

Maybe you don't want to hear about the struggle and sweat and tears that come before victory. Maybe you just want to buy into the idea that all you have to do is flip through your Six-Figure Copywriting course, fall off a log, and find $100,000 in the bushes.

Frankly, I think that is a bunch of horse-pucky. (Pardon the French.) Yet, there is a grain of truth in that "easy money" picture.

It's like a space shuttle launch. The shuttle consumes an astonishing 75% of its fuel just getting into orbit. But once there, navigating and returning to Earth is relatively easy.

If you follow the system, learn from the Masters, and stick with it, there will come a day when you'll have so many clients begging for your services that you'll have to turn half of them down … when money will be streaming into your bank account in amounts that will astound you. And there will be one unforgettable day when the postman delivers a big fat commission check to your door that you didn't even know was coming.

On that day, you'll be tempted to pretend the struggle and the tears never happened. All you'll see is your personal "Bob" – the amazing lifestyle you're enjoying. You'll bask in the warmth of true friendships. You'll look to your right and to your left and find that everything you once longed for and hoped for is now real part of your everyday life.

It will happen. If – and it is a big IF – you make some sacrifices today.

ROI stands for "Return on Investment." To get the "Return" – to have your own 36-foot "Bob" … your own symbol of victory, success, and freedom – you must first make the "Investment."

This ROI is not reserved for some elite group of silverspooners and lucky-charmers. Remember, once upon a time Michael Masterson was just trying to figure out how to get through college. Once upon a time Bob Bly was a lowly chemical engineer wondering what to do with his life. Once upon a time AWAI was just the flicker of an idea in the heads of a handful of people.

But these amazing people turned that flicker of an idea into reality by investing their own time, energy, and money in it.

My friend, you too are a "Creator." You can and should make new things happen. You can and should face down your fears and do great things. It is your right and heritage as a member of Planet Earth.

In November, Margie and I and our nine children are going to pile into "Bob" and take a 28-state, 45-day journey across America … because we can and because we want to. At the apex of this wonderful trip, we will be in Delray Beach, Florida attending this year's FastTrack to Success Copywriting Bootcamp.

We are going, not just because I'm going to be the emcee … and not just because I'm going to be one of the presenters … but because I need Bootcamp today more than ever.

I need my annual dose of Michael, Herschell, Paul, Katie, Rebecca, Denise, and all the other amazing people who will be there.

I need my time with fellow copywriters like you who are eager, full of hope, and doggedly pressing forward toward their dreams and goals.

I want my chance at winning over new clients at the Job Fair and walking away with yet another victory under my belt. (By the way, I'm awesome at closing clients at Bootcamp … but don't worry, there are plenty to go around. Every year, more than a few marketing directors go home emptyhanded. I think we should make it our personal mission to send them all home with a killer copywriter in their back pocket … you with me?)

I need to find out what is hot right now, what is working right now, and where the market is going in the future.

I need to spend several days drenched, submerged, and embedded in copywriting, without any distractions or projects nagging at me.

Is it too much for me to suggest that you need these things too? I don't think so. That's why I want to personally invite you to join me at Bootcamp.

I don't make that invitation lightly. You see, I have a personal passion and mission to help other copywriters just like you achieve the lifestyle that I currently enjoy. (That's why I do the Monday Morning Jumpstart every week.)

I want you to be next. And I believe with all my heart – just like I believed in that Bootcamp back in 2005 – that this is the very best "Investment" you can make right now with your time and money.

Click here now to join me, Margie, Michael, Katie, "Bob" (the 36-footer), my nine children, and hundreds of your fellow aspiring copywriters at Bootcamp 2009.

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Published: August 4, 2009

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