The Two “Real Reasons” So Many AWAIers Succeed Because of Bootcamp

There’s a very good reason Bootcamp serves as a launching pad for so many AWAI members’ copywriting careers …

And it goes beyond the added skills and up-to-the-minute secrets you pick up from the dozens of intense presentations.

It’s because coming to Bootcamp does two very important things for you, beyond the “academic” aspects:

  1. Bootcamp is your official “indoctrination,” if you will, into the world of direct response. By coming here, you get to see the industry in action … meet up with the players … talk shop with the experts … learn about the “inner workings” of the industry over dinner or a cocktail.

    Where else, for instance, can you sit down over a beer with some of the most successful copywriters in the business one minute, then cozy up to a marketer an hour later and talk about a potential project you could be working on.

    Plus, there’s that “being there” experience which can’t be replaced. You can read all the books and see all the travel shows on, say, Paris – but until you’ve been there, walked the avenues, had a coffee and pastry at a street side café, and gazed upon the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower with your own eyes, you’ve never truly seen Paris.

    It’s the same with copywriting and the direct-response business.

    Unless you’ve spent time immersed in it – talked with decision-makers, heard from experts and felt the energy of this powerful event – you’ve never truly experienced what this exciting industry is all about.

    Like so many past attendees have told us – that “being there” experience can not only have a crucial impact on your understanding of the business, but your confidence going forward as well.

    Just askPat McCord, last year’s $10K Challenge winner.

    “I can divide my life into ‘before Bootcamp’ and ‘after Bootcamp,’” she told me recently. “It made that much difference in my career. There’s just no substitute for being there. For three days I was surrounded by people who were really doing it, making a living copywriting. I could finally see that the possibilities were not just some pipedream. They were real.”

    Steve Roller had the same kind of breakthrough.

    “What I didn't expect was the huge confidence boost I got from seeing real people, no different than me, making it happen,” says Steve. “The productive energy level at Bootcamp is contagious, and you can't help but come away from it with a plan of action and skills to go with it. I've never regretted money spent on personal development, but AWAI's Copywriting Bootcamp is by far the best investment in myself I've ever made.”

    But, as important as your indoctrination into the business of direct response is, it’s nothing compared to the very tangible second benefit of being there:

  2. Your attendance at Bootcamp sends a very clear signal to the industry that you’re dead serious about becoming a professional writer. Please don’t underestimate the importance of this. Over the years, we’ve attracted some of the biggest names in the industry precisely because – year after year – they’re able to recruit the best and the brightest of the up-and-comers.

    Make no mistake about it. All those marketers and publishers don’t sign on to come to Bootcamp to do us a favor …

    They do it because they need writers, and don’t want to miss out on the next up-and-coming copywriting superstar — someone who could one day transform their businesses with the next breakthrough piece of copy.

    And, it’s never been more important than in this difficult economy.

    Just ask Liz Thompson, the founder of Healthy, Wealthy n’ Wise Magazine. She’ll be there looking for writers because she knows that in order for her company to keep growing in these tough economic times, it’s more important than ever to “engage top notch talent that can really relate to our target market.” And then she says, “AWAI is the best place we’ve found to discover that talent.”

    And Liz isn’t the only marketer at Bootcamp who can have a transforming impact on your career:

    Here’s what Kate Benson of Total Health Breakthroughs told us:

    “For me, AWAI’s Job Fair was an opportunity to gain access to copywriters who have been well trained but haven’t yet been discovered. I know I made connections that will increase our ROI.”

    And Sara Pond from Nightingale-Conant:

    “I'm always looking for new copywriters who could bring a fresh approach to our marketing initiatives. I may not have an immediate need now, but when I do need to outsource, I don't have time to start my search for a great copywriter. I need to have someone who is proven (with a spec assignment), so I don't waste any valuable time.”

    Or Mike Palmer of Stansberry Research, who will not only be revealing his secrets for writing great financial copy, but he’ll be looking for more new talent as well. (Mike hired AWAIer Sean McCool as a result of last year’s Bootcamp.)

    “This is an important time to have great copy. There's only one thing that can save your business in a downturn … and that's to keep cash coming in the door. You can cut costs … you can lay off employees … but nothing is better for your business than making sales. That's why I feel like our business needs great copywriters now more than ever. Anyone can sell in a booming economy, but only the best and original copy will work in a downturn.”

    Or publisher and entrepreneur James DiGeorgia of James DiGeorgia & Associates Inc.:

    “The economy may be melting down, but we're desperately looking for talented copy and editorial writers for our health and financial advisory and product businesses. Last year we paid in excess of $1 million in writing royalties and fees. We're hoping to be able to pay twice that in 2009. Attending the AWAI Job Fair always puts us face-to-face with potentially the best copywriters in the world.”

    Paul Elliott of the Motley Fool echoes the sentiments of most direct marketers we talk to:

    “We tighten our belts in tough times like everybody else. But copy is one thing we will never cut back on. Original, winning copy goes straight to our bottom line.”

    Or Ric Thompson, the founder of Transperience Network:

    “Changing economic times requires fresh marketing messages to hit the hot buttons that are hot right now – not hot last year. Why did we go to AWAI's Job Fair? Our bottom line demanded it.”

    Colleen Horan is another successful marketer who knows the importance of constantly cultivating for new talent:

    “It was important that Healthier YOU participated in the Job Fair this year because we are looking to expand our direct-mail business to the Internet. Good copy really is essential to the success of an Internet business. With the economy the way it is right now, we need to do everything we can to keep our business competitive. The Job Fair helped put us in contact with writers that will help make our business more competitive and increase sales.”

    Jann Seal is an editor with Palm Beach County Magazine:

    “At HOME in Palm Beach County Magazine was thrilled to be in attendance at (2008’s) AWAI Job Fair. Not only did we meet so many talented writers, but by offering a challenge, we felt that we were extending our reach across the country, listening to new ideas, and hearing from new writers. The beauty of doing business in today's market is that a writer needn't be located in the same geography as the publication. It becomes a win-win situation for all of us as we can connect with writers we never would have had the chance to meet under normal circumstances.”

    But nothing captures the essence of what Bootcamp is all about – for both up-and-coming writers and marketers alike – better than Best Life Herbal’s Louis Hart:

    “I love the idea of having first crack at all the top copywriting talent as they make their way into the market. It's like being able to grab up all the top draft picks in football before the NFL teams have a chance to sign them.”

Over the past weeks and months – as we’ve been putting the finishing touches on this year’s much-anticipated event – you’ve heard me say this year’s version of Bootcamp will be our best ever.

Our line-up of experts who will be there is unparalleled: Certified legend Herschell Gordon Lewis, Clayton Makepeace, Don Hauptman, Don Mahoney, John Forde, Rebecca Matter, Gary Hennerberg, Chris Marlow, Mike Palmer, Paul Hollingshead, Will Newman, AWAI alumni and now six-figure writer Joshua Boswell, biz-to-biz expert Steve Slaunwhite, travel writer Jen Stevens – and just recently added Dan Kennedy, the $50K to $150K per package legend who will deliver two of the most important presentations you’ll ever see: one about building your business and establishing your reputation … and the other about writing killer copy that will astound your clients.

And, of course, Michael Masterson – the man behind the AWAI Six-Figure Program and who’s been directly involved in the generation of over $1 billion in direct-response sales – will be there revealing his secrets and talking to you throughout the three days. (And you won’t want to miss his very special discussion with Herschell Gordon Lewis about their latest film venture together!)

But don’t forget the other “stars” of the show …

The marketers, publishers, and product managers who sign on to come to Bootcamp months in advance – because they know this is the place where all the best and freshest new talent converges once every year.

This year, the list of marketers is the longest yet because this year there’s more demand for good new copy than ever – thanks in equal parts to the growing role the Internet and e-marketing is having on our industry – and the need for new and innovative copy as a result of the economic slow down.

Bootcamp is your opportunity to meet these folks, learn about their businesses, take home a spec package (or two … or three) and show them your best stuff.

Just like so many past attendees:

“I landed my first paid copywriting assignment two months after I attended AWAI’s FastTrack to Success. Six months later, I had all the work I could handle.”
–Krista J.

“I submitted my spec assignment to The Taipan Group on November 22nd, and it has already landed me a paying assignment from them! As you can imagine, I’m very excited! Thanks again for a GREAT Bootcamp – the confidence I gained just by being there and rubbing elbows with so many experienced copywriters has boosted my career already!”
–Caroline M.

“My first Bootcamp was what really got my career moving. I made tremendous contacts there … I also landed a spec assignment from the Job Fair that turned into a second assignment. And I still go back to the handouts and notes from that Bootcamp … 2-1/2 years later.”
–Malcom S.

“It was, without doubt, the turning point of my graphics/writing career, and worth every penny. I met my mentor there, and I made lifetime, quality contacts with both attendees and staff.”
–Cherie R.

“My expectations for the fall Bootcamp were that I’d learn loads, get psyched up, be exhausted by the end, and meet plenty of eager AWAI members, generous seminar leaders, and Bootcamp coordinators. I was not disappointed in any of those expectations … What I did not go expecting, even though I’ve read these stories myself, was to walk away with a paid assignment from this Bootcamp … but I did!”
–Susie H.

The bottom line is this.

I hope you’re working harder than you ever have to develop your copywriting skills.

Never before has there been so much new demand for skilled writers with fresh ideas — and never before has it been so important for you to take back control of your life … to be responsible for your own future and your own income — and to seize the opportunity that’s long existed to earn a six, even seven, figure income any successful copywriter can make.

And if you’re serious about this – about making 2009 the year you transform your life once and for all – I urge you to come to 2009 Bootcamp.

Without question, this is the place to get it all done:

  • To know what’s working now
  • To get the latest insights and techniques
  • To meet and rub shoulders with so many top experts
  • To understand intrinsically how this exciting, dynamic, ever changing, and ever growing industry works
  • To build your network — of fellow copywriters and marketers … people who can have a profound impact on your career today
  • To gain the confidence to move forward … to succeed
  • To make lifelong friends you can keep and call on forever
  • To launch your career in very tangible ways … through networking, spec assignments, and, of course, our industry famous Job Fair
  • To live and breathe the direct-response industry for three of the most energetic and intense days you’re ever likely to experience
  • To gain powerful knowledge and insights — both academic and intuitive — you won’t get anywhere else
  • And reaffirm the commitment you’ve made to yourself: to become a successful, in demand, live anywhere, six-figure copywriter whose life and time are controlled by no one other than you

If you’re even considering coming, please book your spot today.

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Published: August 31, 2009

1 Response to “The Two “Real Reasons” So Many AWAIers Succeed Because of Bootcamp”

  1. Oh, would I love to attend, Katie. Down through the years I have tried to resurrect my writing flair, but now at 78 I truly wonder if it is just another one of my frustrations that have interspersed my 40-year real estate career (completely jaded but have all kinds of writing knowledge). I'm in the process of taking one of Nick's courses hoping to be able to create a money-making website. But, alas, would it be that I had the funds. Maybe, just maybe.


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