The Future of Your Spare-Time Biz

My name is Roy Furr. I'm a spare-time Internet Direct Marketing Specialist and Copywriter.

I also flex those skills every day in a sales job for a publishing company in the IT and career development niches.

This is the type of work environment …

 … Where it's perfectly normal to wear shorts and a t-shirt to work any day of the week (even as we close $24,000+ sales) …

 … Where every Tuesday we place the largest sushi order of the week with what is in my opinion THE world's best sushi restaurant – a tiny little place called Sushi Domo, in a strip mall between Wal-Mart and Goodwill in Eugene, Oregon …

 … And where despite having Nerf fights and playing practical jokes all day we still somehow manage to grow the company fast enough to be in the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America.

(Even with my Spare-Time Biz Successes it's hard to give up something like this!)

But it goes beyond that …

I've been experimenting with spare-time businesses for years, creating little cash infusions for myself and my family.

Here's some of what I've done.

  • Marketing Consulting and Copywriting. I worked with David Bullock, one of the world's top gurus when it comes to testing and tracking your online marketing. Together we revamped his marketing materials and launched a coaching club, plus I picked up many of his top techniques and created a lifelong ally in the online marketing world.
  • Content Writing. I've worked with Bob Bly on a couple projects, creating ebooks and special reports for his CTC Publishing label. These leveraged my experience in testing and tracking, and have set me up for an ongoing royalty income stream as they continue to sell.
  • Publishing. My dad had been selling a video on eBay for quite some time, related to a hobby of his – flying control-line model airplanes. It was selling okay, but he was never getting as much out of it as I thought he could. So I offered to put up a website to sell it, began dominating this tiny little micro-niche in the search engines, and set up a nice little income stream for both of us. (Plus the profit through the website is more than triple what it was from the average eBay sale!)
  • Money-Making Websites. Honestly, my first few attempts at creating money-making websites failed – I think because I focused on the overcrowded Internet marketing space, an uber-competitive market you have to devote full-time attention to if you want to succeed. But then I stumbled onto a niche around my favorite new workout tool – something called a kettlebell. And since May I've been growing this Money-Making website to earning me around $150-$200 per month (and growing) … And, here’s the best part … It’s totally passive. I spend maybe an hour a week on it at most.
  • And now, THIS … and more! As the new Managing Editor of Spare-Time Biz Success, I have another spare-time business! I'll be bringing you weekly emails about opportunities to earn extra moolah in your spare time. Part of my responsibility in doing this is going to be to investigate the opportunities that are out there, in order to bring you my take on them. And who knows what that will bring in terms of my next Spare-Time Biz Success?

"Why are you qualified to talk about spare-time businesses?"

The truth is my failures – as much as my successes – qualify me to talk about spare-time business.

One of my favorite quotes from late advertising legend Gary Halbert is:

"There's only X number of mistakes between where you are and where you want to be – so START MAKING THEM!"

Sure, the number X represents is different for you and me.

It's true however that we both need to make our share of mistakes to get from where we are now to where we want to be.

And while I've been able to create a lot of successes for myself – both in my full-time work and in my spare-time businesses …

The failures are the backdrop against which the successes stand out.

So I have a lot of successes creating anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars per month in my spare time.

I also have enough failures under my belt that I can recognize many bad opportunities being peddled for what they are – solely a way for the peddler to make quick dough by selling you a system that won't make you a dime.

What I aim to do with Spare-Time Biz Success is to help you avoid my failures – and point you toward the most reliable roadmaps for making money in your spare time.

"What angle do you bring to Spare-Time Biz Success?"

I've never considered myself a "Biz Opp" guy. Which is a bit funny if you think about Spare-Time Biz Success as a traditional business opportunity publication.

But it's not.

I've been an AWAI member for quite a long time, and been reading Spare-Time Biz Success for a while, too. And AWAI's programs are far from traditional business opportunities.


Because they're proven roadmaps to creating a legit living income – even an income to make your friends and neighbors jealous!

I wouldn't have accepted this gig if I saw it as just another newsletter pitching envelope stuffing and multi-level marketing gigs.

I wouldn't have become your Managing Editor if this newsletter was anything like those others in the biz opp space … Designed to make their publishers a fortune while leaving their readers out in the cold.

No, I wouldn't be writing this to you right now …

 … Unless I believed …

 … To my core …

 … Everything AWAI offers is an actual, proven roadmap to creating a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars in additional monthly income for yourself …

 … All in your spare time doing things you love to do!

Of course, AWAI doesn't have a monopoly on the best spare-time business ideas. So when I took on this gig I was excited to learn I had flexibility.

Not only do I get to share the opportunities AWAI has – I get to scour the planet for the world's best ways for you to earn extra income in your spare time.

If I think you're going to be excited about it … Get value from it … And really benefit from a spare time business opportunity … I'll be bringing it to you here!

"What can I expect from future issues of Spare-Time Biz Success?"

I know much of Spare-Time Biz Success has been inspirational – keeping you focused on creating your Spare-Time Biz. And that's important, and will continue.

But I'm a fan of actionable information.

Some of my recent articles for AWAI have included how to "steal" videos to quickly add content to your money-making website, 5 Twitter traffic-getting tactics for your money-making website, and how to write email autoresponder copy faster and for better sales results without having to work hard to make the sale.

Each about actionable information you can use right now.

Each designed to bring immediate value into your life.

And that's what you're also going to get as I take the reins on Spare-Time Biz Success.

I'll be digging deep into what legitimate spare-time business opportunities are out there. Why they may be right for you. And also why not. And what you can do right now to test them out and maybe earn a few extra bucks – whether you invest in learning the entire system or not.

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Published: September 22, 2009

2 Responses to “The Future of Your Spare-Time Biz”

  1. Thanks for the personal bio Roy and I look forward to your new take on the newsletter. I enjoyed the inspirational way Tom handled it and will be anxious to learn of the newest and best ways to create income from you. I am currently a resume writer and working towards a copywritng career with a travel writing perspective as my goal. See you next week!


  2. I have been a AWAI member for a couple of months. I look forward to reading spare-time biz, but really liked the personal side of this one. I grew up in Eugene, Or and just got back a few weeks ago from seeing my kids there. When you know something about your author, there is more of a connection. Keep up the great insights.


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