October 2009

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Defining Emotions, Desires, and Motivation

Learn the subtle difference between emotions and desires, and how you need both to motivate your prospect...

A Package Deal

Find out a business building technique that can increase the amount you charge for a project, but can effectively decrease the time you spend.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: “The Ancient City” – aka … My Hometown

Writing Challenge Winner Nicholas Marziani’s favorite thing about his hometown – the fabled Fountain of Youth.

AWAI Writing Challenge Honorable Mention: The City of Dreams – Bombay

The best thing about the city of Bombay lies in its spirit, the resilience, the bonhomie and the dreams of the citizens which keep the city alive.

AWAI Writing Challenge Honorable Mention: The Best Thing About My Hometown – The Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is like a piece of history for John Wiggill … and it’s one of his favorite things about his hometown.

Do You Know This Self-Publishing Success Secret?

Find out the self-publishing success secret that will maximize your income and minimize your time and effort.

Empty Pages

Master copywriter Don Mahoney shows you how to overcome writer’s block. Use Don’s bag of “tricks” and conquer the blank page once and for all.

Job Opportunities … Freelance Opportunity: Work with President of Right Way Trader to Help Individual Investors Understand the Financial Markets

Right Way Trader is looking for an inspired and conscientious freelancer to write direct marketing copy, AdWords campaigns, website content, and more.

Crafting Strong USPs for Fun & Profit

Discover the elements that go into crafting a strong USP...

A One-Two Approach to Improving Web Conversions

Pam Foster shares her two best practices for making sure visitors who find your copy through the search engines, will stick around and convert for you.

Build Self-Publishing Cred, Easy As A-B-C

Roy Furr shares an A-B-C credibility-building system that will help you to start building your profitable spare-time self-publishing business right away.

Heisting Hall of Fame Headlines

Michael Masterson shows how to make headlines in modern copywriting stronger by applying the structure of John Caples’s classic 1925 ad.

Four Little Words That Can Increase the Fee of Your Next Copywriting Project

Sid Smith explains how writing video scripts can significantly increase your copywriting income. Learn how you too can offer this service to your clients.

Just Published: Bob Bly’s Latest Book "How to Create Irresistible Offers"

In his book "How to Create Irresistible Offers" Bob Bly shows how to improve the response rate of promotions from 10 percent to as much as 900 percent, by creating and testing different offers.

Selling More Than Just Features and Benefits

Learn how to drill down to the emotional level that prompts your prospect to take action...

Job Opportunities … Wanted: Web Copywriter with High-Tech Industry Knowledge

Full-time, remote copywriting opportunity with Crimson Consulting Group for an expert writer of engaging web content.

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