The Art of Seduction and Your Self-Publishing Biz

Today's issue of Spare-Time Biz Success concludes our month-long focus on self-publishing as a spare-time business opportunity.

But, I don't want you to think I'm winding down.

In fact …

This is the most important self-publishing issue yet!

Because what I have to share in this issue can set the course for your entire future in self-publishing.

It's a strategy used by the world's most successful direct marketers – in the publishing industry and beyond – to do more transactions at a higher value with more customers … Leading to more total profits.

And, it has nothing to do with writing better advertisements.

It goes deeper than that.

This strategy is actually about WHAT you're doing – not HOW you're doing it.

Which means this is easy for anyone to implement, no matter their skill level.

The top marketers in the world are doing this

I quickly went to three websites I know are successfully selling published products online, to see if they were doing this:

  • The Motley Fool is. On the front page of their website I found a huge indicator that they use this strategy.
  • Healthier YOU does it, too. In the top inch of their home page I could see proof that this is a big part of their marketing approach.
  • AWAI does this as well. As soon as you load their home page, there's a sure sign that this strategy is in place.

What's the strategy I'm referring to?


Picture this …

You're spending a night out with friends. Single and looking, you lock eyes with a woman whose glance stops your breath. Excited, you take a second glance. Your blood heats up to 110 degrees. Sexy, too.

Your face flushes and knees wobble. You feel 16 again.

But, you're smart enough to know one thing.

If the first words out of your mouth have anything to do with what you're thinking right now, you're more likely to go home with a black eye than with her.

To have a shot, you need a different approach.

You introduce yourself. Establish common interests. Reveal a little something about yourself. Listen as she does the same. Until she's starting to show signs that she's into you, too.

Only then, once things are moving along, do you ask …

The same is true in marketing – especially online.

You can quickly turn a prospect off – and lose them forever – by asking for the sale immediately.

What works far better in attracting customers and generating sales is applying the lessons from seduction to your marketing approach.

How to seduce your customers

Remember I told you today's lesson is about WHAT to do, not HOW to do it?

That means we're not dealing with marketing "pick-up lines" here.

This is a specific approach you can take called Multi-Step Marketing.

The big idea behind Multi-Step Marketing is that you don't ask for the sale immediately and expect to convert a high number of prospects.

Instead you ask to begin a friendly relationship.

You ask your prospect to take a small, no-obligation step. And that step is to give you permission to contact them again.

They give you their contact information in exchange for some valuable information you have to offer. A free special report or mini-course.

You deliver that valuable information as promised.

And, you continue to deliver them valuable information along with your marketing materials over a period of days, weeks, months, or even years.

You build the relationship until they're ready to take that next step.

Until they're ready to commit.

Until they're ready to buy your products!

"Why does seduction marketing work so well?"

I think I've told you that before I got into entrepreneurship, marketing, and advertising, I learned everything I could about human psychology.

I've always been fascinated with how our minds work.

Well Multi-Step Marketing (and seduction) is a great example of psychology at work.

You see, down in the deepest recesses of our brains, there are still powerful instincts which drive our thoughts and behavior.

Instincts that have helped us survive up until now.

Instincts that when we encounter something new say …

"Don't trust that until you know if it will hurt you or bring you pleasure."

Those same instincts fire off when we're approached by a stranger.

Those same instincts fire off when we have a new person or new company trying to sell us something.

Those are the same instincts that as marketers we need to overcome if we want to make the sale.

And Multi-Step Marketing will help you do just that.

Because by taking your sales process in steps …

  • First, offering something of value in exchange for the prospect making the small commitment of giving you permission to follow-up …
  • Then, you delivering on your promises and building trust and credibility with the prospect, dispelling the initial fear …
  • And, finally – once you've built up enough trust and credibility – asking for the sale …

You can work through the prospect's natural instinct to run away and not trust you, and make tons of sales you wouldn't have had otherwise.

Now, this is all well and good, but I'm sure you're wondering …

"What does seduction marketing look like in action?"

Let's bring this down to a real, practical level.

So, you want to grow your spare-time self-publishing business. And, you want to use Multi-Step Marketing to sell to your prospects.

Well, let's see how. Let's go back one last time to the "hockey skills building system" publishing business I've been planning over these last few issues. Let's see what an actual Multi-Step Marketing system would look like in this business.

  • First, none of my banner ads, Google ads, or any other ways of driving traffic to my website would actually sell my product. Instead, they'd offer free information, such as "Hockey Players: Free Report Reveals #1 Way To Improve Puck-Handling," or "Hockey Speed Secrets: Free Report Will Boost Your Skating Speed In 3 Days." Notice both of these offer free information, and don't point toward the actual product.
  • Once someone clicks through to get to my website, the page they land on – the "landing page" – will also not sell my product. Instead, it will build on the promise of free information – matching the promise I made in my advertising. It will also provide a way to get the information, via putting their name and email address into a form so I can send the report by email. (An email marketing service like Aweber at gives you copy-and-paste tools for adding these forms to your website, as well as a complete suite of email marketing functionality.)
  • Once they submit their email address, I'll send them an email that fulfills the promise of free information. It will give download instructions for the free report.
  • I'll set up an autoresponder series after the free report is sent, continuing to give valuable information related to my hockey skills building system. While I can refer to my product and even link to the sales page, the primary focus of these emails is to continue to give real value to the reader.
  • Once I've given away enough information to establish trust and credibility with my reader, I can send the occasional message that has a strong push to buy my products – because by buying my products they'll be able to continue to build on the hockey skills they've started to gain through my free information.

The "Golden Ratio" in seduction marketing

Before I wrap up, I want to give you a rule to use when planning how you put together your Multi-Step Marketing. This rule governs your ratio of true value to selling content in your customer communications.

Here's the "Golden Ratio" for online Multi-Step Marketing. Your communications with a prospect should be 90-95% delivering value, and only 5-10% selling them your products.

If you structure your Multi-Step Marketing campaigns this way for your self-publishing business, you'll build a massive amount of trust, credibility, and gratitude with your readers and prospects.

Then, once you've developed that overwhelmingly positive relationship with your prospects, they become predisposed to wanting to buy from you.

And that's the key to making maximum profits from your spare-time self-publishing business.

The time to start is now

Over the past month we've covered:

Now it's up to you. The next step is yours. If you haven't already, it's time to start your spare-time self publishing business.

Follow the directions in Self Publishing: Your Complete Business Plan for Creating a Life Without Borders and get going now so you can start reaping the rewards – profits, freedom, and fun – that come with owning your very own self-publishing business.

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Published: October 27, 2009

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